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Two women you should know

Madison police say the Allied Drive community is changing, thanks in part to two very determined women. More>>

SYSK-- Dr. Ted Goodfriend

Dr. Ted Goodfriend is the founder of Medic, and the recent recipient of the Red Cross Health Care Hero Award. Elishah Oesch shows us why he's also Someone You Should Know. More>>

Someone You Should Know -- Jasmine Mans

Jasmine Mans is a recently published poet from U-W Madison. In addition to being in the First Wave program at the university, she's also determined to make an impact and a difference on the world around her. More>>

SYSK -- Ben Watters

Ben Watters is a real hero. Elishah Oesch tells us how he helped save his mother's life and why he's someone you should know. More>>

SYSK-John Patterson

John Patterson is a man who deals with a lot of people's junk. As the owner of 1-800 GOT JUNK in Madison, he's seen it all. But, it's his efforts to help us see less junk in our landfill that makes him Someone You Should Know. More>>

Someone You Should Know: Gina Wilson

Gina Wilson is the director of Agency Services at Second Harvest. Elishah Oesch tells why she is Someone You Should Know. More>>

Someone You Should Know: Jan Swenson

Jan Swenson has been directing big choirs for decades. As she reaches her retirement, we show you why she's someone you should know. More>>

Jefferson Award Winner for October-Kohl Boydston

This month's Jefferson Award winner is Kohl Boydston.  Elishah Oesch tells us his story and why he created the volunteer organization "Clean Up Wingra Creek." More>>

Jefferson Award: Carrie Robbins

Each month, we recognize people who give back to their communities. It's called the Jefferson Award and this month we honor Carrie Robbins of New Lisbon. More>>

Someone You Should Know: Anna Kamperschroer

HYP gives young professionals a chance to give back to their community. More>>

Jefferson Award: Phyllis Hasbrouck

Phyllis Hasbrouck has a passion for sustainable agriculture. More>>

Someone You Should Know: Sue Krug

Sue Krug volunteers with Child Development Incorporated. More>>

Jefferson Award: Dr. Doug Dulli

Dr. Doug Dulli volunteers with MEDiC, a student-run, free clinic. More>>

Jefferson Award: Su Timmerman

Su Timmerman is sewing for soliders. More>>

Someone You Should Know: Suzanne Alexander

Alexander wanted to reach out to the homeless in Madison. More>>

Jefferson Award: Chris & Carol Zindorf

We honor a husband and wife team who have dedicated years to helping those less fortunate. Chris and Carol Zindorf are this month's Jefferson Award recipients. More>>

Helping mothers of multiples

Parents of twins, triplets, even quads have a unique challenge. More>>

Jefferson Award: Michelle Harris

Michelle Harris started an outreach program that connects college science students with elementary and high school students. More>>

Someone You Should Know: John & Dorothy Priske

Winners of the state's Conservation Farmers of the Year award: John and Dorothy Priske. More>>

Jefferson Award: Jenny and Andy Czerkas

We honor a husband and wife team who help feed hundreds of people every week. Jenny and Andy Czerkas are January's Jefferson Award recipients. More>>

Someone You Should Know: Abby Beissinger & Elise Mann

Abby Beissinger and Elise Mann help an island off of Uganda. More>>

Someone You Should Know: Jerry Gericke

Jerry Gericke is a dedicated Salvation Army bell ringer. More>>

Someone You Should Know: Rachel Teubert

Rachel Teubert started Ruby Violet. It helps domestic abuse victims on their road to recovery. More>>

Someone You Should Know: Marc Paskin

A Madison-native is ABC's 'Secret Millionaire.' More>>

Someone You Should Know: Chris Myers

Myers is the 2010 Stella Artois World Draught Master. More>>

Jefferson Award: Randy & Kim Tews

Randy & Kim Tews started Outreach for World Hope after seeing kids dying of starvation in Guatemala. More>>

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