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What's Going Around: Rhinovirus Video included

If you or a family member has been sick lately, it could be one of two things: rhinovirus or influenza.


Only on 27 News: Mercyhealth reacts to Fentanyl shortage at hospitals across the country Video included

Finding fentanyl on the streets these days is pretty easy to do, but across the country, hospitals are having a difficult time getting pain relieving injectable drug.


V.A. brings awareness to veteran suicide in new campaign Video included

The Department of Veterans Affairs and Johnson & Johnson teamed up on a new awareness campaign called "Be There for Veterans." 


Study: Banned substances found in half a dozen supplements Video included

If you use workout and diet supplements, you'll want to check the label.


Updated guidelines mean nearly half of Americans have high blood pressure Video included

High blood pressure should be treated earlier with lifestyle changes and in some patients with medication according to the first comprehensive new high blood pressure guidelines in more than a decade. 


New study: A third of depressed new fathers thought about harming selves or child Video included

New research shows a third of depressed new fathers have thought about hurting themselves or their child.


What's Going Around: Lesser known tick-borne illnesses on the rise Video included

Lesser known tick-borne illnesses are increasing.


Digging Deeper: Mercyhealth adds laughing gas to ER to prevent opioid abuse and addiction Video included

In direct response to our nation's opioid epidemic, Mercyhealth will soon use laughing gas in their ER.


Madison sleep lab opens for tours Video included

A sleep clinic in Madison is opening its doors to give people a chance to learn about the importance of sleep and some common disorders.


What's going around: Croup Video included

This week, doctors are saying they're seeing more cases of croup. 


Doctor shortage could impact rural areas in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Council on Medical Education & Workforce (WCMEW) released a report Tuesday that predicts by 2035, we could be 4,000 doctors short of what's really needed in the state.


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