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Rock County warns of high E. coli levels on streams and rivers

The Rock County Public Health Department is warning that recent testing shows high levels of E. coli bacteria in several streams and rivers caused by recent heavy rain.


Disney issues seizure warning for scenes in 'Incredibles 2'

Disney pictures Disney pictures

Walt Disney Pictures sent an advisory to theaters showing the movie and asked that they alert moviegoers to the scene.


Justice Department says heart of health law unconstitutional


The Trump administration says in a new court filing that it will no longer defend key parts of the Affordable Care Act. More>>

What's Going Around: Poison ivy Video included

Poison ivy is becoming more common as people get outside. Rachel Kaderavek, a physician assistant with Prairie Clinic in Sauk City, offered some tips if you get it.  


Postpartum Support International launches chapter in Wisconsin Video included

Courtesy: PSI Wisconsin/Facebook Courtesy: PSI Wisconsin/Facebook

A new chapter of Postpartum Support International just launched in Wisconsin.


What's going around: Ankle injuries Video included

As the weather starts to break, more of us are spending time outdoors.  Those activities can come with injuries though.  


Study: Selfies make your nose look bigger

If you're considering a nose job, don't use a selfie to make your decision.  


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