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What's Going Around: Tick-borne illnesses (other than Lyme Disease) Video included

When you think about ticks in the summer, your first worry is often Lyme Disease. But doctors say there are others you should watch out for too.


AP sources: Senate GOP health bill would reshape Obama law

Senate Republican leaders are ready to release their plan for rolling back much of President Barack Obama's health care law. Congressional aides and lobbyists say it would cut Medicaid, end penalties for people not buying insurance and erase tax increases Obama imposed to help expand coverage.


How technology is making treatment more comfortable and accessible to PTSD patients Video included

Doctors are learning more about treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how technology can be beneficial.


Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield leaving WI marketplace

The company says it will not offer individual plans in the state next year except for one plan in Menominee County that won’t be sold through the health care exchange that states had to set up as part of the Affordable Care Act championed by President Barack Obama.


Science Says: DNA shows early spread of cats in human world


A DNA study is showing how cats spread in the ancient human world. More>>

Senate steers toward showdown vote next week on health bill


Democrats lack the votes to stop the still-evolving Republican health care bill in the Senate, but they're criticizing it as a stealthy measure that GOP leaders want to rush through the chamber before anyone knows what's really in it. More>>

'Human Project' study will ask 10,000 to share life's data


Researchers are gearing up to start recruiting 10,000 New Yorkers early next year for a study so sweeping it's called "The Human Project.". More>>

Dr. Phil's advice for Type 2 diabetics like himself Video included

Dr. Phil McGraw has advice on managing Type 2 diabetes, after living with it for more than 25 years.


What's Going Around: Poison Ivy Video included

Dr. Jessica Darling from Prairie Clinic has tips on how to prevent and treat poison ivy.


E. coli found in hydration station during U.S. Open at Erin Hills

Erin Hills Golf Course Erin Hills Golf Course

E. coli was found in a water sample taken from a hydration station near the 12th hole at Erin Hills.


Study explores drone delivery of defibrillators to save lives Video included

A new study suggests drones could help save lives.


Sunscreen tips as summer approaches Video included

As summer approaches, it will be increasingly important to wear sunscreen and wear it properly


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