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What's Going Around: Do cranberries prevent urinary tract infections? Video included

A doctor in Sauk City has some helpful tips for UTI's. She says research shows cranberry juice doesn't really help.


Brain disease seen in most football players in large report Video included


Research on the brains of 202 former football players shows brain disease in most. More>>

Health insurers, consumer groups say Senate motion to proceed extends uncertainty Video included

With the U.S. Senate approving a measure to debate possible changes to the country's health care law Tuesday, consumer groups and insurance companies say the uncertainty about the 2018 health insurance markets will remain.


UW Study: Single-sport athletes at higher risk of injury

A new study suggests prep athletes who specialize in one sport are more prone to injury than others who play multiple sports.


Digging Deeper: New program aims to fill a rural doctor shortage Video included

Studies predict Wisconsin could be facing a shortage of up to 4,000 doctors by the year 2035. The problem is even more extreme in rural areas and in women's health care.


Doctor & expert calm fears after mosquito capable of carrying Zika is found in Dane County Video included

Since the Zika outbreak in the U.S. began in the summer of 2016, mothers-to-be in Wisconsin haven't had to worry. And doctors and experts say mothers still don't have to, even after a species of mosquito that's capable of carrying the virus was found in Dane County.


Doctor shortage could impact rural areas in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Council on Medical Education & Workforce (WCMEW) released a report Tuesday that predicts by 2035, we could be 4,000 doctors short of what's really needed in the state.


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