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Attempting Mount Everest

JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- A Wisconsin woman is about to scale the highest mountain in the world. What's even more remarkable, she's doing it while battling a potentially debilitating disease.

"I started out with this idea to climb the seven summits," said Lori Schneider. "I always thought I would do all of them but Mt. Everest."

The Janesville native has scaled the tallest peak on every continent, except one. Until now. Lori's embarking on the climb of her life -- her goal -- 29,000 feet atop Mt. Everest within a few weeks. Amazingly, she climbs despite dealing with multiple sclerosis, a diagnosis that shocked her ten years ago.

"I went from numbness in half my body to a couple months later it spreading thru my whole body," she said.

She's not letting it stop her from reaching the pinnacle. A self-proclaimed Everest junkie, Lori trains on Wisconsin ski hills, and says she climbs to move beyond the multiple sclerosis label.

"The fear that I wasn't going to have the use of my physical legs in the future, and get beyond that, and prove to myself that I am strong and I'm still in control of my body."

Her disease isn't the only challenge she'll face. Conditions on her climbs are downright deadly -- frigid temperatures, lack of oxygen, and treacherous terrain.

"Yes, you're going to want to quit. It's a fact on those climbs," she said. "A lot of days mentally you really have to talk yourself into taking one more step. If I can do this I can do anything in my mind."

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