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Deep massage helps relieve muscle pain

At 43, triathlete Stephanie Sullivan loves to run, but one spill on her bike slowed her down. She injured her hip. Instead of training for an Ironman, she found relief in an instrument-assisted, deep massage called the Graston technique.

The technique uses a specially designed, stainless steel tool to get into different areas of the body to break up scar tissue and adhesions in the muscles, ligaments and joints. Doctors first scan the body to find the source of the pain. Studies show the micro-trauma induced with this deep tissue technique initiates healing from within.

Dr. Craig Newman says, "We'll use these techniques to slowly break up the fibrous tissue. It allows us to get with using these stainless steel tools allows us to get deeper into the tissue and to invoke response."

According to Dr. Newman, as many as 10 sessions are typically needed, but many people see results in as few as four sessions.

Stephanie says the technique works, and she has a full race schedule booked. In fact, she relies on the therapy to keep her training on track.


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