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Rash of Madison shootings pinned on rival groups


MADISON (WKOW) -- Madison police chief Noble Wray is racheting up the pressure on four rival groups of people who the chief said are threatening neighborhood safety with day-time, retaliation shootings.

Authorities say on Loreen Drive in southwest Madison last month, around the time school let out, bullets were being sprayed.   Gunshots being fired have taken place elsewhere as well.

At a news conference at the Madison police west precinct, police officials said they feel they are closing in on the people responsible.   Authorities said they have recovered guns and other evidence.

Wray said it's important the Madison community knows this investigation is active and information is being sought because of the brazen, dangerous nature of some of the shootings and their threat to entire neighborhoods.

"Someone goes into a neighborhood, 3:30 in the day, kids are out playing, one block away from a school and sprays the neighborhood with rounds, that is cause for concern,"   Wray said.

"That is not a common thing in Madison.   To some extent, this is homicide prevention right here."

Investigators said four of roughly 20 suspects in nine shootings this spring are in custody on other charges.

They said results from crime lab testing should result in more arrests.

Authorities say members of these four groups came into neighborhoods to settle scores over relationships, then money, and now it has become about retaliation.

Neighborhood police officer Mike Hanson said positive steps such as a recent neighborhood block party in the Hammersly Road-Loreen Drive neighborhood has a taken a hit from the threat of gun violence.

Madison police officials said they are still looking for information in these gun-crimes and welcome tips to Madison Crimestoppers:   266-6014.

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