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"Show and Blow" promotes responsible college drinking


MADISON (WKOW) -- College football season kicks off Saturday in Madison, and so does the tailgating. But school officials have a warning for students: drink too much, and you could be added to the "Show and Blow" list.

That means for the rest of the season, students on the list will have to show their student ID and then blow into a breathalizer.

If students are under 21, they'll have to blow zeros before they can get in. If they're of legal age, they need to blow under .08.

"It's set up to say, 'Show us you can be responsible,'" said Kevin Helmkamp, Associate Dean of Students at UW-Madison. "You do that, that's what the program is about. If not, there are additional consequences."

After two years of the program, students have mixed reaction about it.

"It's a good policy," said UW-Madison senior Tyler Marcus. "It's one thing to be drunk, another to be totally belligerent and violent."

"I think it's dumb," said UW-Madison student Ahmed Hassan. "It's Madison, the whole campus is based around drinking, the culture is based around drinking... Might as well just look the other way."

But Helmkamp says it's not about eliminating college pregaming.

"It's to put students in a position where they can make good decisions for themselves and still enjoy the game," said Helmkamp.

The associate dean did not have exact numbers of how many students get added to the list each game, but he said it's enough to make the program worth bringing back for another season.

The school says the program has been such a success that the University of Minnesota will now start up one of its own this football season.

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