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Women fight over dog feces


MADISON (WKOW) -- Two women engaged in a kind of dog poop warfare over the weekend.

Madison Police say the trouble started when Nina Bell, 56, came out of her east side apartment Friday afternoon and discovered a pile of dog doo on her front walkway.

Bell says she knew, from the size of the pile, that it was too big to come from her pooch.

She shoveled up the excrement and flung it on the neighbor's stoop, belonging to Arnessa Battles, 38.

Police don't know what happened next, but when they arrived on scene, the women had shoveled up multiple piles of feces, flung them on each other's property, smeared them across each other's car windshields, and chucked them on each other's clothes.

The women even squared off in a doggie-shovel fencing match, but neither woman was actually struck by the weapons.

Madison Police say the backyard was covered by a winter's worth of dog droppings, made more obvious by melting snow.

Bell and Battles were cited for disorderly conduct.  Both women promised Madison Police they would only allow their respective pooches to defecate on their owner's lawns.

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