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The Duckmobile


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MADISON (WKOW)-- You might think that now is not the best time to open a new business. But a Madison woman says many successful companies start during a down economy.

Jen Mulder hopes she's right. She opened a new store this week for all you sewers out there.

But that's not the only reason why Jen Mulder is 'Someone You Should Know.'

This is the sound of passion for Jen Mulder.

"I started sewing when I was little with my mom," said Jen Mulder.

And, hopefully the sound of success for Jen.

"I just find it gratifying to be able to put something together and see it complete," said Jen.

Jen just opened this Pfaff sewing supply and service store called 'The Electric Needle' on Madison's Westside.

"Pfaff sewing machines are German engineered and are basically the Mercedes of sewing machines," said Jen.

While Jen sews on a Mercedes, she drives this.

"This is my Duckmobile," said Jen. "It is my car. It's to make people happy and smile."

Her 1989 Toyota Camry is plastered with rubber duckies.

"I love rubber duckies," said Jen. "They are also very light. When you are adding things to your car you have to think about what you will do to your shocks."

It's her art car.

"Favorite duck? This one up here with cheeks. I just want to squeeze his little cheeks," said Jen.

It all started with two rubber frogs a year and a half ago.

"The big ones on top are in a circle, because when I'm in parades, I have a bubble maker and it shoots bubbles," said Jen.

Jen has so many on her car that she lost count.

"These are my animal duckies and then I have Santa and his reindeer over here," said Jen.

Jen isn't alone in her art car world.

One click of the mouse and you find cars way wackier than Jen's.

"I am currently in the process of cutting ducks in half to then glue to the sides of the car," said Jen.

Spend about 30 minutes driving around with Jen and you quickly see why she's hooked.

People smile at the sight.

And, yes, some might think she's a little crazy.

"It's very odd," said Stella. "I've never seen rubber duckies on a car before."

But Jen doesn't mind.

"Couple of people are like why would you ever do that," said Jen. "I'm just like hey, it's fun! There's enough to not smile about these days."

Jen said there are requirements she has to follow to be street-legal. There are restrictions on how far out on the sides of her car she can go and she can't cover too much of her mirrors and windows.

Click here to learn more about The Electric Needle.

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