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City leaders discuss goose management at Warner Park


MADISON (WKOW) -- It's been a sensitive and hotly debated issue: how to keep geese at Warner Park from being a danger to planes at the Dane County Regional Airport without killing the geese off.

In May, the city's Park Commission decided to overturn a plan to kill a lot of the birds in the park.

Since then, park officials have started to control the population of 143 geese.  The Parks Department oiled about 100 eggs to keep them from hatching.  It's also growing the grass around a pond to make it less attractive to geese.

At a meeting Tuesday night, officials said it could also work at other city parks.

Russ Hefty, a conservation resource supervisor, said, "It may be an approach tailored to each park situation based on feedback given from the citizens.  That's why we're gathering this information."

Meagan Porter, with the organization called 'No Madison Goose Kill' wasn't convinced.  "It's just kind of nibbling away at the problem when they're not really doing anything that's proven to work."

Porter says the city should look into harassment methods like dogs or loud noises to keep the geese away.

She says her group is disappointed they were not kept in the loop on the city's proposed goose management plans and hopes they can be more involved.

These proposals will eventually go to the Parks Commission sometime this fall.


MADISON (WKOW) -- A city advisory committee will give an update on plans to control a growing goose population at Madison's Warner Park.

This comes after city park commissioners overturned a decision to round up and kill the geese who some say are a safety hazard to the nearby Dane County Airport.

Tonight officials will talk about what they've done so far in terms of studying the geese and ways they've attempted to keep them from growing. That includes oiling goose eggs, which prevents them from developing.

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