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Super Bowl still dominating social media

By Lysée Mitri - bio | email | Twitter | Facebook

MADISON (WKOW) – Packers and the Super Bowl are still hot topics on social networking sites.

"I was checking Facebook like I always check Facebook, to see if anything was happening," said Aaron Muhowski. "The only thing that really seemed to be happening was the Super Bowl."

Facebook and Twitter are a regular part of the Super Bowl experience for most University of Wisconsin-Madison students and even some professors.

"I seldom watch a sporting event without my laptop and following along on Facebook and what other people are posting on Twitter," said Dietram Scheufele, a science communication professor.

Chancellor Biddy Martin got in on the action today, tweeting a picture of her assistant in Green Bay gear.

Facebook was flooded with new status updates during the game.

"Even if I hadn't been watching the game, I could've figured out exactly what was happening based on everyone's statuses," Muhowski said.

For those still celebrating the Packers victory, there are plenty of Facebook fan pages to choose from.

"Green Bay Packers Superbowl XLV 2011" is one of the biggest Packers fan pages, and it is growing by the second.  WKOW saw 158,389 fans "liked" the page, and that number grew to 158,413 after refreshing the website.

Scheufele says social networking is getting more popular as older generations start to get into it and as younger generations start to get older.

"We're increasingly moving toward a world where news will be consumed in that social media environment," he said.

But it won't change everything. Scheufele says traditional media is staying relevant, using new media to their advantage.

"Corporations are using social media very carefully to get us to watch ads we otherwise wouldn't watch," he said.

Watch ads, read stories and have conversations—social networking is bringing friends from different circles and different parts of the country together to experience major events like the Super Bowl.

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