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Questions raised over budget repair bill's Medicaid changes


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MADISON (WKOW) -- Some protestors are worried about a particular measure in the budget bill, that they say would allow possible cuts to Medicaid and Badgercare.

Picture-perfect weather was not seen today.

"This is Wisconsin we're used to weather!" said Michelle Besant, UW Librarian.

So the majority of protests moved from outside, to under the Capitol rotunda.

"The turnout today is a lot smaller than it's been I expect it to grow a bit," said Nancy Evans, Monona Grove teacher.

"Everyone knows we need to do something about the budget the big issue for me is the bargaining rights - this is the Wisconsin way we cant let this go," said Evans.

There are not only teachers unions opposed to Governor Walker's budget repair bill because it takes away some of their bargaining rights - there are also people opposed to the bill because includes changes to Medicaid and eligibility to Badgercare.

"The Department of Health Services would not be required to tell the public health when they make changes that could affect over one million residents," said Ken Taylor, Wisconsin Council on Children and Families.

The Medicaid Matters Alliance held an event to share this part of the repair bill would allow the Department of Health Services secretary to enact emergency rules to change Medicaid programs and Badgercare eligibility.

This includes co-pays, benefits and cost-sharing for providers.

Causing some dependants like Barbara Vedder of Madison to worry.

"I'm scared because I don't wanna go to a nursing home - I never wanna go there," said Barbara Vedder of Madison.

But Governor Walker says this is $1.8 billion worth of the state's overall deficit.

"We're going to go for changes that allow us to make particularly in badger care but we are going to go for changes that allow us to make particularly in Badgercare not a permanent entitlement," said Governor Scott Walker,

With the end of day six wearing down, people are still sleeping it out until a decision is made.

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