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Residents: FEMA won't inspect our homes

MADISON (WKOW) -- 30 days later, the flooding hasn't gone away in one subdivision in Spring Green.  30 homes remain surrounded by contaminated, unsafe floodwater, four to five feet deep in parts.  

"It'll take months to get rid of this water," said resident James Blau, who has lived in his home on East Prairie Road for more than a decade.  "They're trying to pump it.  But it's a slow process."  

It's also a frustrating process for the residents.  They say FEMA inspectors refuse to evaluate their damage because they won't walk in the water.  

"You'd think they want to help people out," said Blau. "They don't seem to care."   FEMA spokesman Art Navarro disputes that.  "Everything is on a case by case basis," he said.  "At times there are mitigating circumstances."  

FEMA inspectors were scheduled to tour Blau's home and others in Spring Green on Tuesday.  But they cancelled the inspections when the state army helicopter couldn't fly in what FEMA described as poor visibility throughout the region.  

That means the wait for the homeowners in Spring Green's East Prairie Road continues.  

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