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Moped check to Alvarez produced; check writer unknown


MADISON (WKOW) -- UW athletic department officials released a copy of a cancelled check to 27 News as verification the transfer of a moped from Cindy Alvarez to a football player was a sale, and not a gift, but the copy deletes the name of the check writer.

27 News had made repeated requests for a copy of the cancelled check without redaction of the check writer's name, after a moped dealer told 27 News the moped had been a gift from UW athletic director Barry Alvarez's wife to the player.   A UW official acknowledged such a gift would be a violation of NCAA rules, but said the transaction was a sale.

The check is dated Oct. 19, 2007, with payment to Cindy Alvarez in the amount of $1,200.  

UW officials also provided a deposit ticket with the names of Barry and Cindy Alvarez for the same amount, dated four days later.

A source informed 27 News the player received the moped shortly after beginning his freshman season with the team.   Records show since acquiring the moped, eviction proceedings were started against the player by two separate landlords over unpaid rent, and the player's driver's license was suspended.   The player remains on the team.

The player has yet to respond to several requests from 27 News for information on the moped transaction, and whether he is the author of the check.   27 News is not identifying the player at this time.

27 News uncovered the transaction between Alvarez and the player during an investigation of the use of housing stipends by scholarship athletes to purchases mopeds and cars.   A UW official said they were unaware of the practice, but said the use of the money was at the discretion of the student-athlete and broke no rules.  


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