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UPDATE: 911 call came during training exercise at Ohio base

An Air Force base in Ohio says a 911 call during a training exercise set off reports of an active shooter that sent dozens of security forces and other emergency responders to the base.


Judge blocks release of 3D-printed gun plans

A federal judge in Seattle has issued a temporary restraining order to stop the release of blueprints to make untraceable and undetectable 3D-printed plastic guns.


Caught on camera: Trucks collide, explode

A violent explosion went off when a van hit a parked semi-trailer on an expressway near Hangzhou of East China's Zhejiang province early on Monday.


Janesville surgeon charged in fatal crash in New Zealand

Courtesy: Martin De Ruyter/Fairfax NZ Courtesy: Martin De Ruyter/Fairfax NZ

A Janesville heart surgeon has been charged in a crash in New Zealand that killed two people. 


SLIDESHOW: National Love Your Pet Day

Monday, February 20, 2017 is National Love Your Pet Day! 


Fiat Chrysler announces 2 recalls of nearly 500,000 SUVs

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is recalling nearly 450,000 SUVs worldwide in two separate recalls that includes the Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Target: 40M accounts may be involved in breach

Target says about 40 million credit and debit card accounts may have been affected by a data breach. More>>

Officials urging evacuation near ND derailment

Authorities are urging everyone to evacuate a town in North Dakota after a series of explosions caused by the derailment of a train carrying oil. More>>

Pocan pushes for action on Farm Bill

Wisconsin congressman Mark Pocan was in Madison on Monday, urging Congress to pass a new farm bill before the fast-approaching new year deadline. More>>

Inspectors say Syrian chemical weapons site abandoned

Chemical weapons inspectors say Syria has provided video and photographs showing a chemical weapons site dismantled and abandoned. More>>

Miami man posts photo of wife's dead body on Facebook

A Miami man posted a picture of his wife's dead body on Facebook, along with a post claiming he killed her. More>>

MA Cop releases photo of Boston bombing suspect

A Massachusetts state police photographer is under investigation after releasing photos of the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect from the night he was captured. More>>

Income tax exemption for Wisconsin soldiers killed in action

Governor Scott Walker signed a bill into law Thursday that cancels taxes on military income for a soldier killed in combat. More>>

Senate passes historic immigration bill

Senate votes 68-32 to pass historic immigration bill, send measure to House. More>>

USDA announces new school snack food rules

Snack foods sold in schools are getting their first nutritional overhaul in more than 30 years. More>>

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin reacts to Supreme Court Decisions

U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin made a statement to the Supreme Court Decisions on marriage equality. More>>

President Obama reacts to Supreme Court Rulings

President Obama makes statement on Supreme Court Rulings More>>

Baby Boomers at increased risk for Hepatitis C

If you are one of tens of millions of baby boomers, you are at increased risk of a serious illness. More>>

Supreme Court voids key part of Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court says a key provision of the landmark Voting Rights Act cannot be enforced until Congress comes up with a new way of determining which states and localities require close federal monitoring of elections. More>>

Opening statements in Zimmerman trial today

Opening statements are set in the trial of a neighborhood watch volunteer on Monday after he was charged with second-degree murder. More>>

Southwest Airlines grounds flights after computer glitch

A spokesman for Southwest Airlines says a system-wide computer problem forced them to ground its entire fleet preparing for late-night departures. More>>

Facebook bug exposes contact info

Millions of Facebook users may have had their contact information accidentally exposed. More>>

Possible leukemia breakthrough

Could a pill stop leukemia in its tracks? Doctors at Ohio State University say they've witnessed the breakthrough in a clinical trial. More>>

Actor James Gandolfini dies at 51

HBO and the managers of James Gandolfini confirm the actor has died at age 51.

House passes late term abortion ban

A bill banning late term abortions passed the House on Tuesday. More>>

House committee approves immigration bill

Shouting protestors aren't stopping lawmakers from moving a tough immigration enforcement bill forward.

A republican-controlled House committee approved the measure last night.

Military plan moves women into combat roles

Women could soon be training as Navy SEALs, under the military's new plan. More>>

3 thrown from car after tire blows on Highway 151

The Dane County Sheriff's Office says three people were thrown from the car after their tire blew out on Highway 151 near McKee Rd. on Sunday. More>>

Friday marks 6 months since Sandy Hook tragedy

Friday will be a day of remembrance in Newtown as it marks six months since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. More>>

Dozens hurt after deck collapse in Florida

After an outdoor deck collapse at a popular Miami-area sports bar, dozens of people fell into Biscayne Bay. More>>

Police: Santa Monica gunman left farewell note

A farewell note left behind by the Santa Monica gunman expressed remorse for the killing of his father and brother but provided no explanation for the rampage that left them and three others dead. More>>

Syria's president used chemical weapons against rebels

The White House, in a statement issued late Thursday, says the use of chemical weapons "violates international norms and crosses clear red lines."

Equal Pay Act turns 50

Monday marked the 50th anniversary of the Equal Pay Act. More>>

Gun control advocates mark 6 months since shooting

Some families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims are going to Capitol Hill this week, six months after a gunman took the lives of their loved ones, to remind lawmakers they are waiting for action. More>>

Jury selection begins Monday in Zimmerman Trial

Jury selection begins on Monday in a Florida courtroom where neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman is on trial for second-degree murder. More>>

UPDATE: 5th victim dies in California shooting spree, suspect identified

A fifth victim has died and a suspect has been identified in Friday's shooting rampage in California.

Mandela taken to hospital with infection

MGn Online MGn Online

The office of South Africa's president says former leader Nelson Mandela has been taken to a hospital because of a lung infection. More>>

Intelligence chief blasts NSA document leaks

The director of national intelligence is trying to set the record straight after leaked documents revealed that the NSA and the FBI have been tapping into Internet company servers. More>>

First lawsuit filed in deadly Philly building collapse

The first of what could be several lawsuits has been filed against the building owner and demolition company after a building collapse in Philadelphia killed six people and injured 13. More>>

2 Salvation Army workers die in Pa. building collapse

The Salvation Army says two of its employees were among the six people killed when a building collapsed on a thrift store in Philadelphia. More>>

14th survivor pulled from rubble of collapse

Crews on the scene of a collapsed building in Philadelphia have found a woman buried beneath the rubble more than 12 hours after the building fell. More>>

Toyota Prius recall

Toyota Prius hybrids are being recalled because they could have a problem with the brakes. More>>

Susan G. Komen for the Cure cancels 7 walks after drop in donations

The Susan G. Komen Foundation is canceling some of its signature races next year because of a drop in donations. More>>

Couple celebrates 80 years of marriage

A couple from New York is celebrating 80 years of marriage. More>>

Fire at Chinese poultry farm kills 119

A fire that trapped workers inside of a poultry farm and processing plant in China has killed at least 119. More>>

3 veteran storm chasers killed by Oklahoma tornado

Oklahoma authorities say 16 people are dead from Friday's tornadoes and flash floods. More>>

Nearly 2,800 told to evacuate amid CA wildfire

Officials in California estimate that nearly 3,000 people from about 700 homes are under evacuation orders as a wildfire continues to spread north of Los Angeles. More>>

Crews fight 2 large wildfires in New Mexico

Crews fighting two large wildfires in New Mexico are focusing on building protection lines around the blazes. More>>

UPDATE: Weather service says 5 tornadoes in OKC metro area

The National Weather Service says there were five tornadoes that struck the Oklahoma City metro area -- including one that officials say killed at least nine people.

UPDATE: 4 firefighters killed in Houston motel fire

The fire chief in Houston says four firefighters who died in a motel fire were searching for people they thought were trapped.

Expiration updates for Social Security, Medicare

The government came out with new expiration dates for the nation's two biggest social programs: Social Security and Medicare. More>>

Meat prices up almost 10%

The summer grilling season is going to cost meat-eating Americans more this year. More>>

UPDATE: No toxic inhalants are burning at site of train derailment

Officials have reportedly blocked off a half-mile area as a fire continues to burn at the crash site. More>>

President Obama to tour Oklahoma tornado damage

President Barack Obama will tour the damage from the massive tornado that devastated the Oklahoma City area. More>>

UPDATE: Vehicle was supposed to check clearance for truck that caused bridge collapse

A special car traveled the route before the Canadian trucker did to ensure the load would fit, according to the trucker's wife. More>>

OK father remembers 2 daughters lost in tornado

After the deadly tornado that ripped through central Oklahoma on Monday, the families of some of the victims still haven't taken the time to grieve the loss of loved ones. More>>

Safe room mandates remain rare in tornado states

When a deadly tornado whipped through the central Oklahoma City of Moore, many survivors emerged from their storm shelters to find their homes completely blown away. More>>

8.2 magnitude earthquake hits eastern Russia

Slight tremors were felt in Moscow after a powerful 8.0 magnitude earthquake hits eastern Russia. More>>

UK police: Soldier killed in apparent terror attack

British police have confirmed that the man killed in an apparent terror attack was a serving soldier. More>>

President Obama to speak on Oklahoma disaster

President Barack Obama is expected to meet with his disaster response team on Tuesday before delivering a statement on the devastating tornado that tore through the Oklahoma City suburbs Monday afternoon. More>>

FTC cracking down on "cramming"

The Federal Trade Commission is cracking down on a little-known practice called "cramming." More>>

Deer crashes through bus windshield

An unlikely passenger tried to get a free ride on a bus in Pennsylvania. More>>

UPDATE: Dems delay Wis. Assembly vote on landlords bill

Minority Democrats have delayed a state Assembly vote on a Republican bill that would grant landlords more power over tenants. More>>

Minnesota Gov. Dayton signs gay marriage bill

Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has signed a bill that legalizes gay marriage, making the state the 12th to do so. More>>

MN Senate approves same-sex marriage; governor to sign

The Minnesota Senate approved a measure to allow same-sex marriage and Gov. Mark Dayton will sign it on Tuesday. More>>

IRS admits to over-scrutinizing conservative groups

The IRS has apologized and admits that some groups were subject to further review simply because they had the names "Tea Party" and "Patriot." More>>

Spacewalk may be needed to fix space station leak

Two astronauts on the International Space Station are preparing for a possible impromptu spacewalk to work on a leaking coolant line. More>>

Daughter of kidnapping suspect speaks out; knew one victim

The daughter of the Cleveland man accused of kidnapping and holding three women for about a decade speaks out. In a twist, she was best friends with one of the women and reportedly the last person to see her before she went missing. More>>

Congressional hearing today on Boston Marathon bombings

Lawmakers hold their first congressional hearing Thursday on the Boston Marathon bombings. More>>

UPDATE:Three missing women found in Ohio; three brothers arrested

Amanda Berry, left, and Gina DeJesus shown in these photos provided by the FBI. Amanda Berry, left, and Gina DeJesus shown in these photos provided by the FBI.

Three women, each missing for about 10 years, have been found in a home in Cleveland. Three brothers have been arrested, including one from the home.

US Senate approves online sales tax bill

The US Senate approved a bill Monday which could bring an end to tax-free shopping for many online shoppers. More>>

UPDATE: DOD identifies casualties of Kyrgyzstan crash

Department of Defense has released the names of the casualties of the Kyrgyzstan crash. More>>

Authorities confirm body found Tuesday was missing Brown student

Courtesy Tripathi family Courtesy Tripathi family

The body was identified as 22-year-old Sunil Tripathi through forensic dental exams. More>>

Fuel barges explode, causing large fire in AL

A large fire that began with explosions aboard two fuel barges in Mobile, Alabama, is burning into Thursday morning after injuring three people. More>>

Man survives Boston bombings and witnesses TX explosion

A Texas man is thankful to be alive after witnessing the Boston Terror attack and the fertilizer plant explosion in West Texas. More>>

Thousands attend MIT officer's memorial

? Courtesy: MGN Online ? Courtesy: MGN Online

Thousands of Massachusetts Institute of Technology students, faculty and staff as well as law enforcement officials from across the nation are expected to attend a memorial service for fallen campus police officer Sean Collier. More>>

Dozens killed when building collapses in Bangladesh

An eight-story building collapses in Bangladesh, killing at least 87 people Wednesday morning. More>>

Feds sue Lance Armstrong

The lawsuit says Armstrong violated his contract with the U.S. Postal Service by doping while riding for the team. More>>

Midwest flooding reaching record levels

Flooding is reaching records levels in parts of the Midwest. More>>

New auto safety guidelines

Since so many people just can't turn off the technology when they get behind the wheel to drive, car makers may do it for them. More>>

Charges dropped against man in ricin letters case

Charges have been dropped against a Mississippi man accused of sending ricin-laced letters to President Obama and others. More>>

Youngest victim in the Boston bombings is laid to rest

Eight-year-old Martin Richard laid to rest. More>>

Senate will debate online sales tax

A bill that would allow states to collect sales taxes for internet purchases passed a test vote in the Senate  on Monday. More>>

UPDATE: Some West, TX residents allowed to go home

Displaced residents in West, Texas are not able to return home due to small fires. More>>

Airport furloughs start Sunday

Airport delays may go to a whole new level next week as air traffic controller furloughs kick in on Sunday. More>>

FBI releases images of two suspects in Boston Marathon bombings

The FBI has released photos of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings and is asking for the public's help in identifying them. More>>

Officials say 2 possible suspects in Boston Marathon Bombings

Law enforcement officials say investigators pinpointed two possible suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing after they appeared in images near the finish line just before the blasts. More>>

Britain's Iron Lady laid to rest with full pomp

Britain's Iron Lady was being laid to rest Wednesday with a level of pomp and protest reflecting her status as a commanding, polarizing political figure. More>>

Boston bombing traced to pressure cookers packed with shrapnel; motive a mystery

Federal agents are zeroing in on how the Boston Marathon bombing was carried out, but there's still no word on who did it and why. More>>

Deal announced on background checks for gun sales

Two bi-partisan senators announced a deal on background checks for gun sales Wednesday morning. More>>

Postal Service backs down on ending Saturday mail delivery

The U.S. Postal Service has backed down on ending Saturday mail delivery, saying Congress gave it no choice. More>>

Blue Angels cancel 2013 flyovers

You won't see the Blue Angels flying over any events this year. More>>

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dies

Photo Courtesy Of CNN Photo Courtesy Of CNN

A spokesperson confirmed that former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died on Monday at age 87 following a stroke. More>>

Judge orders FDA to allow morning after pill for girls of all ages

A federal judge has ruled that the Food and Drug Administration must make emergency contraceptives available to women of all ages within 30 days. More>>

North Korea: "army cleared to attack"

North Korea says its military has been cleared to launch an attack using what it describes as "smaller, lighter and diversified nuclear weapons." More>>

Veterans getting help with tuition

The Department of Defense is picking up the tab for tuition assistance programs for veterans. More>>

Easing the rules on electronics onboard flights

The Federal Aviation Administration is looking into changing the rules about when you can use your tablets, laptops or cell phones on flights. More>>

Colorado theater shooting suspect offers guilty plea

James Holmes may plead guilty in the Colorado theater shootings to avoid death penalty. More>>

Opposing sides speak out about gun control

Opposing sides on the gun control debate are speaking out before the U.S. Senate meets next month to consider comprehensive gun legislation. More>>

Punxsutawney Phil indicted for fraud

Prosecutor in Ohio blaming Punxsutawney Phil for long winter.

Researchers warn sugary drinks lead to health problems

New research could have you thinking twice about what you drink next. More>>

UPDATE: 8th Marine dies after explosion during training

A Veterans of Foreign Wars official says an eighth Marine has died after a mortar shell explosion during mountain warfare training in Nevada's high desert. More>>

Pope Francis officially installed as leader of Catholic Church

Pope Francis was joined by thousands of supporters today as he was officially named the 266th leader of the Roman Catholic Church. More>>

Pope prepares for big day

Tens of thousands of people are packing into Rome for Tuesday's official installation of Pope Francis. More>>

NASA rover finds signs of life on Mars

NASA scientists are celebrating a big discovery, life may have existed on Mars. More>>

UPDATE: No pope chosen on first day of conclave

The cardinals at the Vatican cast their first votes, failing to elect a new pope. More>>

Senate panel OKs Dems gun background check bill

A U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee narrowly approved a Democratic bill Tuesday expanding required federal background checks for nearly all gun purchases, but put off immediate consideration of an assault weapons ban. More>>

February jobs report show burst of hiring

The U.S. economy added 236,000 jobs last month and the unemployment rate has fallen to a four-year low. More>>

Subaru recalls 50,000 vehicles

Subaru is recalling about 50,000 vehicles because the engines could start up on their own. More>>

US official: Bin Laden's son-in-law caught in Jordan

U.S. officials have captured Osama bin Laden's spokesman in Jordan, according to a senior congressman. More>>

Small knives, other items allowed on flights April 25

Starting in about six weeks, you'll be able to carry small knives, golf clubs, souvenir baseball bats and other sporting equipment on airplanes. More>>

Girl cured of HIV

A toddler in Mississippi born with HIV has essentially been cured. More>>

UPDATE: Obama announces new cabinet members

President Barack Obama is announcing his picks for three Cabinet-level jobs -- nominees to run the Energy Department, Environmental Protection Agency and budget office. More>>

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits China

A 5.5 magnitude earthquake hits southwest China and causes hundreds of homes to collapse. More>>

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