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Common Terms: What does SMS mean? And much more...

SMS stands for Short Message Service. This is what is commonly known as a "text message." A SMS message is 160 characters. If you want to stop SMS messages or offers, type STOP. You can reply HELP for more information about the message or offer. More>>

An introduction to Mobile

For many of us the mobile world is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives.  We use our cellular phone as an alarm clock and it's the first thing we touch each morning.  The 'standard' cell phone has evolved into the smartphone with so many different features and functions that we may actually use it very little as an actual phone More>>

Is my phone a smartphone?

Good question! This can be confusing for a lot of people, and a big part of the reason for the uncertainty is that there is no industry standard definition of a smartphone.  In general terms a smartphone is a mobile phone that offers advanced features, often similar to the capabilities of a personal computer.  More>>

A direct link to WKOW's mobile web site,, which is optimized for viewing on web-capable phones. More>>

What is the difference between the mobile web (WAP) and an app?

The Mobile Internet is quite simply a name given to the Internet when you access it from a mobile device, like a smartphone or a tablet.  It's essentially the same Internet you would access from a desktop computer.  However, because a smartphone is clearly much different from a desktop computer in both its size and its features many websites have created unique versions that are designed to display better on a mobile device than the traditional website would. More>>

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