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Salon shooter asked advice from taxi driver

Brookfield salon shooter asked advice from taxi driver just before he shot and killed three. More>>

UPDATE: Police to release final report on salon shooting today

Dozens of officers who responded to an October shooting at a salon in Brookfield were honored for their efforts. More>>

Azana Salon reopening Saturday after deadly shooting

The salon in Brookfield where three women were killed last month will reopen Saturday. More>>

Squad car video involving spa shooter released

The Brown Deer Police Department is under an independent review, after reports show a long history of police calls to Radcliffe Haughton's home, including a stand-off that ended without an arrest. More>>

UPDATE: Family of Brookfield shooting victim wants GPS monitoring for domestic abusers

The brother of Zina Haughton will meet with legislators soon to discuss the possibility of a law that would require GPS monitoring of all domestic abuse suspects under restraining orders.

Memorial for Zina Daniel

Daniel's family hopes her murder raises awareness about domestic violence. More>>

Zina Haughton's brother speaks out after Brookfield spa shooting

The brother-in-law of the man who went on a deadly rampage in a Brookfield spa is pushing for stricter gun control laws. More>>

UPDATE: Rodgers, Braun restaurant raises $60K for Azana spa victims

The Brookfield community raises more than $60,000 for the families of three women killed in the spa shooting last month. More>>

8-Twelve benefit for children of Azana Spa Victims held today

Aaron Rodgers, Ryan Braun and SURG Restaurant Group are sponsoring a fundraiser to benefit the children of the three women who lost their lives in the October 12 shooting at Azana Salon and Spa. More>>

Nearly 100 spas donate money to shooting victims

Nearly 100 salons, spas and beauty schools in Wisconsin and other states will raise money for victims of the spa shooting last month. More>>

Independent review of Brown Deer Police Department

An independent review into the Brown Deer Police Department's handling of calls to Radcliffe and Zina Haughton's house to be done. More>>

8-Twelve benefit for children of Azana victims

Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Braun sponsor a fundraiser to benefit the children of the Azana shooting victims. More>>

State lawmakers criticize cops in Brookfield salon shooter case

Twelve state lawmakers have written to the Brown Deer police chief asking for an independent investigation of their interactions with a man involved in a deadly spa shooting. More>>

Wis. DOJ offers training in wake of Brookfield shooting

The state Justice Department plans to offer Milwaukee-area police more training in how to handle incidents of domestic violence in the wake of the recent mass shooting at a Brookfield salon.

Brookfield salon plans to reopen December 1st

Azana Spa and Salon plans to reopen December 1st. More>>

Sikh community honors salon shooting victims

BROOKFIELD (WKOW) -- The Sikh community in Brookfield honored the victims of last Sunday's shooting , through a blood drive.Organizers say they had planned to hold the drive for victims of the Oak Creek More>>

All four spa-shooting victims are out of the hospital

All four women injured in last weekend's shooting at a salon in Milwaukee are out of the hospital. More>>

Spa shooting victim released from hospital

Another victim of the spa shooting in Brookfield last week has been released from the hospital. More>>

Rodgers, Braun to hold fundraiser for Brookfield shooting victims

The duo says plans for the fundraiser are still being finalized, but 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the victims and their families.


Vigil brings out shooting victim's friends

Students and staff at Carroll University hold a vigil after the mass shooting in Brookfield that police say came out of a domestic violence case. More>>

History of violence between Radcliffe and Zina Haughton

New evidence shows a history of violence between Radcliffe and Zina Haughton. More>>

Gun in salon shooting bought online through unregulated classified ad

The gun used in the mass shooting at a Brookfield salon this weekend was bought online from an unregulated private seller. More>>

Brookfield shooting victim leaves hospital

A woman hurt in the shooting in Brookfield is now out of the hospital. More>>

Azana Salon owner speaks out

The owner of the Azana salon where Radcliffe Haughton opened fire Sunday, killing his wife, two other women and himself, spoke publicly about the tragedy. More>>

Final conversation between Radcliffe and Zina Haughton

The final conversation between shooter Radcliffe Haughton and his estranged wife Zina was in a court hearing just last week, days before he killed her, two other women and himself at Azana Salon & Spa. More>>

UPDATE: Gunman did not surrender weapons after court order

Officials have released the names of the victims who were killed in Sunday's mass shooting in Brookfield, including the gunman's wife. More>>

Brookfield shooting victims killed by gunshots

Authorities have released the cause of death for the three victims killed in Sunday's mass shooting in Brookfield. More>>

UPDATE: Spa shooting victims remembered

The three employees killed in a shooting on Sunday at Azana Salon and Spa, are being remembered as hard-working, dedicated mothers. More>>

Haughton's former Madison co-worker stunned by Brookfield violence

MADISON (WKOW) -- A former Madison co-worker of the man authorities say shot and killed his estranged wife and two other women, and wounded others at a Brookfield salon, says he's stunned at the violence. Derek More>>

Wife of shooting suspect feared for life; testified about it in open court

The wife of the man police say carried out the mass shooting at a Brookfield spa, feared for her life and said so in open court last week. More>>

Domestic violence expert speaks about Brookfield shooting

27 News spoke with Shannon Barry, executive director of Domestic Abuse Intervention Services in Dane County, about how domestic violence reaches the level it did in the Brookfield shooting.

UPDATE: Shooter among four dead in Brookfield

Brookfield police confirm that 45-year-old Radcliffe Haughton died by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. More>>

Brookfield shooting suspect's father apologizes to community

The father of the Brookfield salon shooting suspect offers an apology for his son. More>>

UPDATE: 4 shooting victims expected to survive

The hospital where victims of the Brookfield shooting are being treated is no longer on lockdown. More>>

Members of Sikh temple help spa victims' families

Members of the suburban Milwaukee Sikh Temple, where a gunman killed six people in August, are comforting family members of shooting victims at the spa in Brookfield. More>>

Governor Walker statement on Brookfield shooting

Governor Scott Walker released the following statement regarding the mass shooting in Brookfield. More>>

White House statement on Brookfield shooting

President Barack Obama released the following statement regarding the fatal shooting in Brookfield. More>>

Judge says challenges to changing domestic violence laws

Dane County's former chief judge says calls for tightening rules on domestic restraining orders in the wake of a shooting rampage in Brookfield face challenges to achieving more victim safety. More>>

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