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Digging Deeper: Wisconsin dairy farmers struggle with low milk prices, tight labor

While more and more milk is being produced across the state, many farmers are struggling to survive.


Digging Deeper: Shortage of volunteer EMS workers in rural areas

Many companies that provide medical service in rural areas are having trouble finding volunteers.


DIGGING DEEPER: Youth suicide rates on the rise in Wisconsin

Jacob Ellefson was 14 years old when he took his  life inside his Monroe home. To this day, his parents still wonder why. But they aren't alone. Wisconsin has one of the highest youth suicide rates in the nation.


Farm Bureau blindsided by DOJ decision on CBD oil Video included

Now that growing industrial hemp is legal in Wisconsin, farmers were looking forward to making big profits from the industry, but say a last minute move by The Department of Justice will prevent that from happening.


Digging Deeper: Safety in our schools

Madison's La Follette High School's recovery from a spate of violent and threatening events serves as an example for all Dane County schools in addressing safety concerns


Water and sewer lines could cost residents thousands of dollars Video included

People in a west side Madison subdivision will soon be getting a large bill.


DIGGING DEEPER: Buyers struggling in Madison housing market

Right now, real estate agents say they're seeing unprecedented demand for homes in the Madison area, which is causing bidding wars and driving up prices.  


Digging Deeper: How officials investigate cases of child neglect Video included

The arrest of a Beloit couple for child neglect is calling attention to the process social workers go through to investigate complaints and how neglect can take time to identify. 


Digging Deeper: CBD debate continues after legalization in Wisconsin

Even though Wisconsin passed a law legalizing CBD, the federal government considers it illegal. Since many products are showing up on store shelves, Dani Maxwell is digging deeper into whether CBD is safe and effective and how to make sure you won't get in trouble with the law. 


DIGGING DEEPER: As teacher shortage looms, state officials look for answers

Since Act 10 was implemented in 2011, a number of older K-12 teachers have retired. Now, the pipeline for new teachers is drying up.


DIGGING DEEPER: Teacher shortage in Wisconsin

A report released this month by the Wisconsin Budget Project finds districts would need to hire more than 11,000 teachers of color to make sure the state's educator workforce has the same racial composition as students.


Madison Airbnb rentals soar as city cracks down on violators

The popular room-rental site Airbnb brought $2.5 million to Madison this year, but the city is getting little of that money, despite regulations requiring room taxes


DIGGING DEEPER: MPD's approach to mental health

27 News digs deeper into the Mental Health Officer program launched by the Madison Police Department two years ago. Is it working to better handle mental health cases?


DIGGING DEEPER: Could the VA have done more to prevent the suicide of a Wisconsin Dells native?

The family of a military veteran from Sauk County believes his suicide could have been prevented if a VA doctor in his new home state of Iowa had granted his plea for admittance to a psychiatric ward last Thursday.


Digging Deeper: Federal agencies join investigation into fatal limo crash

MADISON (WKOW) -- One week after a Monona woman was killed and six others hurt in a limousine crash, Illinois State Police say federal traffic and safety officials have joined the investigation.


Digging Deeper: Large protest organized after puppy bought in Janesville dies from parvovirus

A group of pet lovers is preparing to peacefully protest outside Janesville Mall this weekend. This demonstration comes after at least two puppies died from the parvovirus. Owners say the puppies were purchased from Furry Babies inside the mall.


Digging Deeper: New state DNA law aims to close unsolved cases like Zimmermann murder

A new state law takes effect this week that aims to solve more crimes by collecting DNA from more offenders. More>>

DIGGING DEEPER: Daily Fantasy Sports - is it a harmless hobby or illegal gambling?

If you watch sports on television, it's hard to get away from commercials showing people winning millions of dollars playing daily fantasy sports.More than 50 million Americans are now playing, but controversy has accompanied that growing popularity. More>>

UPDATE: Lawmaker introduces outsourcing accountability bill after 27 News story on Eaton Corp.

MADISON (WKOW) -- Sen. Dave Hansen (D-Green Bay) announced Wednesday he is drafting legislation that would ban companies from receiving taxpayer assistance for five years if they are found to have outsourced jobs after receiving state aid. More>>

UPDATE: Gov. Walker is open to more sanctions against companies that outsource WI jobs

MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Four days after 27 News reported that the Eaton Corporation is outsourcing Wisconsin jobs to Mexico for a second time in three years - despite receiving $370,000 in tax credits from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) - Gov. Scott Walker said he is open to adding stronger outsourcing sanctions at the agency. More>>

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