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Paranormal investigators visit spooky store in Stoughton

STOUGHTON (WKOW) -- What's Halloween without a good ghost story?

Elsing's Secondhand Shop in Stoughton brought in a team of paranormal experts out of Milwaukee to explain to the public on Saturday why they believe the store is haunted.

Stories include items moving off shelves, unexplained noises, and voices that were recorded but only heard when they played back.

"We've caught whispers, a little girl laughing, a woman laughing, seemingly making fun of myself when I was doing something," said Noah Leigh with the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee, who described the store on Saturday as one of the more haunted places he's investigated.

Leigh's group offers their services free of charge and operated with a "debunk first" mentality.

"We have things move off the counters and shelves," said store owner Vicky Elsing.  "Sometimes we heard breaking glass, but nothing is ever broken."

The building opened up as a hotel in 1891.  In the 1920's, it was a brothel.

Past psychics reported seeing a young girl named Mary.  Her portrait hangs in the store.

Elsing also said a former Stoughton Police chief was killed when he jumped, or was pushed, from a second floor window.

Carl Agnelly visited the shop on Halloween 2007.  Click on the video icon labeled "Stoughton hauntings (10/31/07)" to watch his full report then, which includes supposed audio and images of the ghosts.

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