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6-year-old says no to gifts, donates to dog rescue


MADISON (WKOW) -- A 6-year-old boy decided to forfeit his birthday gifts this year and will instead raise money for a local pit bull rescue organization.

Since his parents weren't in a position to take a new dog into their own home, Siris Letendre decided to raise money for Midwest Area Pitstop or MAPS. "He was really disappointed he couldn't get his own dog." said Siris' mother, Mia Letendre. "He was really hoping on saving a dog. Instead of saving one by adopting it, we thought we could at least help the ones in need of a home."

On Wednesday morning, Siris and his mother delivered $175 to the rescue and was able to meet some of the dogs his birthday donations will help.

Peter Anderson, the Executive Director of  MAPS, says every donation means a lot to the organization, but this one was really special. "It has really been an inspiration to all of us in the rescue. The whole idea that we have these people in Madison, especially a little, tiny boy that's so focused on helping and it really is juice for the organization. Everybody has been charged up about this whole thing."

Anderson says he's seeing more and more dogs because of the struggling economy with more than 25 at the organization now. He went on to say it sometimes takes years to find a permanent home, in part he says, because of bad press about the breed. The money Siris raised will help pay for things like food, maintenance and vet bills.

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