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DOES IT WORK? Mighty Mend-It Glue


MADISON (WKOW) -- You've ripped. You've torn. You've broken.  Now, according to the infomercials, you can mend.

It's called Mighty Mend-It glue.  For $10, it's supposed to fix almost anything, from plaster to denim to fabric.

27 News Consumer Reporter Dan Cassuto put the glue to the test.

First, we glued a pair of ripped jeans.  After a night of drying, the glue held very well. However, some glue leaked out of the tear and it looked a little nasty.

Next, we smashed three ceramic coffee mugs.  We used three different kinds of glue to hold them together: Mighty Mend-It, Amazing Goop, and standard Super Glue.  We put all three mugs through a normal cycle in the dishwasher.

The Goop and super glue mugs held together very well.  However, the Mighty Mend-It did not.  The broken pieces misaligned and left us with a sharp surface.

Finally, we took our test on the road to the Forest Products Lab in Madison, part of the U.S. Forest Service.  Chuck Frihart studies adhesive for advanced applications, such as glue that holds together wood pieces for building construction.

Frihart tested three strips of denim for us using a special clawing machine that slowly pulls glued materials apart.

We used Mighty Mend-It, Amazing Goop, and white Elmer's.

Our results?

Once again, Mighty Mend-It was disappointing.  It was the only glue out of three to fail the strength testing.

The denim glued together with Mighty Mend-It slipped apart at the bond, whereas the denim glued together with Elmer's and Goop ripped apart at the fabric.  Frihart says that shows the glue bond is stronger than the fabric itself, which is a sign of a good glue.

Based on our testing, we were not impressed with Mighty Mend-It.

It failed both tests, while other glue products worked.

The only thing we liked about Mighty Mend-It is its ease of application and its soft drying.  The other glues dried hard and stiff, which could be uncomfortable for clothes.  Our expert, Frihart, also says Mighty Mend-It could potentially fail his lab test, but work just fine to hold together a torn pocket.

We give Mighty Mend-It 1 star out of 5.

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