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DOES IT WORK? EuroSealer


MADISON (WKOW) -- We've all been there.

Stale potato chips.  Spoiled lettuce.  Sour produce.

The $8.99 EuroSealer promises to solve those problems by sealing plastic bags like new.

27 News Consumer Reporter Dan Cassuto bought a EuroSealer and put it to the test. 

It looks like plastic stapler.  You re-seal bags by sliding the two prongs along the edge of the bag.  It works using hot coils that heat up automatically using batteries.

We thought it was relatively easy to use.  It heated up quickly and sealed the bags we tested. 

However, its results weren't always perfect.  If you press too hard, the sealer can tear the plastic bag and you'll need to seal it again.  This happened a few times.

We didn't realize we ripped the bag until we put the EuroSealer away and had to go get it out again.

When we got the hang of sealing, we thought it worked smoothly.  The seal was almost just as strong as the original seal -- if we sealed it right.

We decided to setup a taste test.  We bought two bags of Doritos.  We left one un-opened, but opened and re-sealed another.

Four days later, the 27 News editorial staff tasted both sets of chips in our afternoon editorial meeting.

There was wide disagreement over which chips came from the new bag, and which came from the re-sealed bag.

The bottom line?  Most people couldn't taste a difference.

We think that means the EuroSealer either (1) did the trick of keeping the chips fresh even though we already broke the original factory seal, or (2) our editorial staff has very forgiving taste buds.

It's also possible four days isn't long enough to produce staleness of potato chips, but our own personal eating experience tends to suggest otherwise.

All in all, we give the EuroSealer satisfactory reviews.  It's not magic, but it will do a fine job of keeping your sealed food fresh at least a little whiler longer if you can get past its sometimes awkward sealing instructions that can tear plastic if you're not careful.

We give the EuroSealer 3.5 stars out of 5.

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