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It's Your Money: Clearing Clutter

Chronic clutter can be a problem. For example, Dawn Sandomeno was drowning in her messy home office, so she and her partner were forced to work at the dining room table.

"My clutter issue is basically paper. Things that I need to file away, and the other thing in the room is I think we're having an issue of whether it's a gym or an office, and, really, its also our bedroom, so the whole issue is stressing us out," says Sandomeno.

Good housekeeping sent in clutter expert Lori Marrero with an organizing program designed to get Dawn's space in shape, beginning with this vision board, purchased from a used office furniture store.

Marrero says keep a "to be filed" box on your desk and once it fills up, you've got a physical cue to file the material.

Getting organized can save you money as well; 23% of Americans admit to paying bills late because they can't find them.

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