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The Click: employment auction


If there was ever a sign of the times, this is it. is where the internet intersects with the dire job market.

Think of it as an eBay for jobs where people bid against each other on how much or how little they are willing to work for.

But it is an option, so if you need a job, here is what you do.

First click on the get a job tab located on the top left corner of the site.

There, you will find scores of job listings where employers have posted information on specific jobs, location as well as caps on how much they are willing to pay.

If you're registered, you can then start throwing out your qualifications and bid on the job.

If an employer chooses your bid he or she will contact you and take it from there.

The site was originally created for college students but as the economy grew worse, so has the pool of people eager to find work.

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