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DOES IT WORK? Steam Buddy


MADISON (WKOW) -- The Steam Buddy promises to give you professional steam-cleaning results at home for a fraction of the price you'd pay at a commercial operation.

27 News took Steam Buddy to the Madison dry cleaner Right Touch to see how it shapes up to commercial equipment.

It can be somewhat difficult to use at first.  The Steam Buddy is supposed to release a steady stream of steam.  But we had some trouble replicating that.

It also let water droplets drip out onto the clothes we tested.  That can be harmful to silk or other delicate fabrics, so you might want to avoid using Steam Buddy on anything that can't get wet at all.

After a few tries, we found out the best way to release steam onto clothes.  For cotton or polyester shirts, the Steam Buddy did a good job of taking out small, minor wrinkles.

We used the Steam Buddy to straighten one half of one shirt, but left the other half un-touched.  You could certainly see a difference.  The Steam Buddy made it smooth.

However, on a wrinkled pair of khaki pants, the Steam Buddy made almost no difference.  The pants still looked terrible.

Our verdict?  The Steam Buddy is good for quick touch-ups at home.  If you want to make a slightly wrinkled shirt or sports jacket look fresh, it can be a good product. 

However, if your clothes are badly wrinkled or made of delicate material, you would probably be happier with the results if you took them to a professional.

Also, keep in mind, the Steam Buddy does not actually clean your clothes.  It just helps reduce slight wrinkles.

We give the Steam Buddy 2.5 out of 5 stars.

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