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It's Your Money: Daylighting

MADISON (WKOW)--When Joe Johnson launched his own technology firm, he needed more money to pay the bills.  So he snagged a fulltime job as a systems engineer.  But when no one was looking, he snuck in work for his own business... right from his desk!

"Stuff like picking up customer calls or handling web design problems or maintaining our systems," says Johnson.

It's called daylighting; when employees work a 2nd job while on the clock at their first. Workplace expert Liz Ryan says it's happening more and more these days.  Why?  Because people are either in fear with all the layoffs going on, or their paychecks are shrinking.

"A lot of full time jobs don't pay enough for people to meet their bills," says Ryan.

"It's tough out there.  Everyone could use a little extra money for everything and it's the easiest way to do it," confirms Johnson.

People work all kinds of 2nd jobs from their desks, according to Brian Barry at the National Human Resources Association.

"Individuals have been running everything from catering businesses, to wedding planning, e-trading, ebaying, separate engineering firms and, you know, it runs the gamut," he says.

Barry cautions -as you might expect-- at most companies, daylighting is a big no-no!

"There's a lot of organizations that would terminate an individual for that. "

In fact, someone in barry's own office was recently fired for working as a wedding planner on the job!  And Liz Ryan says there's a consideration in addition to the practical risk.

 "The other is ethical, what do you feel comfortable doing?  I don't think it's especially ethical to work for somebody else while you're at the desk on the job of your fulltime employer."

Joe Johnson says he never shirked his duties and has no regrets.  He didn't get caught but was recently laid off due to budget cuts.  He now works for his own business.

It's not just people working a second job while at work.

Ryan says so many employees are nervous about being laid off that many are spending hours at work... hunting for a new job!

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