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Thyme and Sage Ranch puppy dies

BLACK EARTH (WKOW) -- The Cagle family just lost two dogs due to old age and went to Thyme and Sage Ranch to get a new puppy.... little did they know they would be burying a third dog.

"it was just really devastating when he died because you get so emotionally entwined caring for a sick animal," said Cathy Cagle.

Cathy Cagle and her family adopted an 8 week old puppy, named Fred, from Thyme and Sage Ranch on March 29th of this year. Just 72 hours later he was in the emergency vet, diagnosed with parvovirus, coccidia, and round worm.

And they're not alone... Carrie Jenks puppy, Bella, was also diagnosed with parvo and later died.

After the diagnosis the Cagles immediately called Jennifer Petkus, who runs the ranch to let her know.

"We called Jennifer and she said well those tests sometimes aren't really positive and they just want to take you're money and you're going to be spending thousands of dollars," said Cathy Cagle.

Cathy Cagle and her family did everything they could to treat Fred, but ten days after they brought him home he died at the emergency vets office.  They buried him in the backyard and Cathy's son visits him.

They called Jennifer Petkus again, this time Petkus said she would refund the money that the Cagles paid for the dog, if they could provide proof that the dog had seen a vet and was indeed deceased.   The Cagles have those documents but have not pursed the refund. 

Because parvovirus can survive on inanimate objects, like soil and fabric,the for up to year, the Cagles cannot have another puppy on their property until next April.

The Richland County Sheriff's Department wants to hear from anyone who bought an animal from the Thyme and Sage Ranch, you can call them at 608-647-8906

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