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Chrysler says some customers may not get refund checks


MILWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Attorney Vince Megna has three Wisconsin clients who are owed money by Chrysler, but may not get anything.

The Chrysler car and truck owners filed lemon law claims with the automaker before it sought bankruptcy protection. 

Wisconsin law says cars or trucks that undergo four repairs in the first year may qualify as lemons and require a refund.

In at least one case, Chrysler settled and issued a check. 

The truck owner even surrendered his truck.

However, days later, the check bounced.

A Chrysler spokesman said the company cannot re-issue rebate or refund checks if customers were involved in litigation.  The bankruptcy process stays all settlement-related refunds.

However, the automaker is in the process of re-issuing checks not related to litigation.  The company says the first check might have bounced because the bankruptcy judge had not yet approved the expense.

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