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Legislators react to Governor's budget cuts

MADISON (WKOW)-- Lawmakers sent 27 News statements following Governor Doyle's Thursday evening news conference.

Speaker Mike Sheridan (D):

"Two weeks ago week, we learned that the national economic crisis has added $1.6 billion to our already significant budget deficit.  Today, Governor Doyle and legislative leaders outlined a plan to close this gap and balance Wisconsin's books."

"This proposal includes 5% across-the-board reductions for state agencies, a rollback of raises, and employee furloughs.  In all, it features an additional $1 billion in spending reductions - bringing the total spending cuts we are considering to a record $3.2 billion."

"The choices before us are difficult, but so are the times. With many Wisconsin families struggling to make ends meet, it is critical that we balance the budget while holding the line on taxes and minimizing the impact on key investments like education and support for local communities.  This plan accomplishes that."

"By making sacrifices and demonstrating responsible leadership, we will get through this fiscal crisis, get this economy turned around, and make our great state even stronger."

Majority Leader Russ Decker (D):

"The governor has had the tough task of repeatedly outlining just how tough this budget is going to be and the co-chairs of the Joint Finance Committee have done a good job working with him to find ways to reduce state spending while protecting the services our state will need to create new jobs and invest in our future."

"The budget will protect middle-income taxpayers from general tax increases despite the recent news that state revenues have declined even more because of the national economy."

"That means there will be deep cuts necessary that no one is happy about or wants to make.  Every state program will need to squeeze every nickel out of every dollar to make it through this budget crisis without destroying the safety net that any Wisconsin families will need in the coming months."

"We will continue working together to get this budget done as soon as possible and get our state moving forward."

Senator Mark Miller (D)

"The national economy put us in this very difficult situation.  Much like a natural disaster, we are in this together and will face this incredible challenge together.  By working cooperatively, we will emerge better and stronger like Wisconsin always does. "

"Rep. Pocan and I are committed to delivering a budget that generates jobs while fundamentally protecting education and other core services."

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