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Peregrine Falcon hatch in Madison

Courtesy: MG&E Courtesy: MG&E

MADISON (WKOW) -- A peregrine falcon chick hatched in Madison, after two adult birds of the endangered species used a long-ignored nesting box at the Madison Gas and Electric plant.

A MG & E officials said two other eggs are in the nesting box.

A MG & E employee and his son built the box and placed it in a high location at the plant in the late nineties, but no falcons ever visited the site until this year.   Peregrine falcons have used nesting boxes at other power plants throughout the state.   An official said the banded, male peregrine using the Madison location had previously nested at a Milwaukee power plant.

An official said peregrine falcons like the power plant locations because of their height, and the abundance of prey such as pigeons which often also visit power plants.

An official said experts hope to remove any chicks in the nesting box in three weeks in order to band them so the birds can be tracked.   Peregrine falcons disappeared for a time from Wisconsin, but officials said there are now more than two dozen nesting pairs in the state after efforts were made to reintroduce the species. 


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