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Thyme and Sage Ranch returned to owner

CAZENOVIA (WKOW) -- The Richland County Sheriff's Department returned its search warrant of the Thyme and Sage Ranch Friday.

There are no more law enforcement personnel or volunteers at the Cazenovia shelter. However, as part of her bound conditions, the owner of the ranch, Jennifer Petkus, must allow them back on her property at any time to check on the welfare of the remaining animals.

The Dane County Humane Society, which is caring for many of the animals seized from the ranch, currently has over 350 of the animals. That includes 315 dogs, 21 rabbits, 2 chinchillas, 1 cat, a ferret, 1 rooster, 14 birds, and 23 horses, which are being kept at a separate location.

Many of the animals are suffering from skin conditions, eye and ear issues and various infections. Vets are also testing for parvo, a highly contagious virus that attacks the intestinal tract. No cases have been confirmed, but there are animals in quarantine. Vets hope to finish examining all the animals on Saturday. Volunteer groomers will start working on the animals Sunday.

Jennifer Petkus still has ownership of the animals, even though they have been seized. The Humane Society cannot put them in foster care until she surrenders them.

If that happens, the Richland County Sheriff's Department would hand them over to the Humane Society of the United States, which in turn would turn them over to the Dane County Humane Society. Dane County says there are many organizations standing by to provide foster care.

Jennifer Petkus is due back in court next Friday.

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