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Janesville native climbs Mount Everest


JANESVILLE (WKOW) -- A retired Wisconsin school teacher is on top of the world after reaching the peak of Mount Everest yesterday.

Lori Schneider has now climbed the tallest peak on every continent, also called the seven summits, an incredible feat in itself.

But Schnieder has multiple sclerosis.

27's Jeff Angileri had a chance to talk to Schneider two months ago, right before she left on her trip.

She told him about the determination it would take to reach the summit.

"Yes, you're going to want to quit. It's a fact on those climbs. A lot of days mentally you really have to talk yourself into taking one more step... if I can do this I can do anything in my mind," Schneider says.

Schneider is the first woman with M.S. to climb Mount Everest and the first person with M.S. to complete all seven summits.

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