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The Click: Online open house


The National Association of Realtors said Wednesday that home sales rose 2.9 percent in April (compared to March).  Sales were 4.6 percent below April last year.

It's enough to raise hopes that real estate may be moviing in the right direction.

Signs like that have more and more people are beginning to think about buying that dream home. But between the glut of foreclosed properties, and houses that have seemingly been on sale forever, the options seem limitless.

Trulia dot com is a search engine that not only helps you find a home but also provides real estate information at the local level.  If you're in the market for a homefirst create an account so you'll have a log of what properties you've looked at.

Then start your search: like other sites you type in your location and price range, press enter, and you get a host of options.

What's unique about trulia is that it also tracks the home values in the locations you are looking at and shows you the recent trends.

The site makes its money from advertisers, so when following up on leads you don't have to worry about the hard sell, at least from them.

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