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Joint Finance Committee passes Omnibus Motion, Republicans fail to amend it


MADISON (WKOW) -- The Joint Finance Committee passed an omnibus motion that included a wide array of budget issues including reduction in state aid to schools and cuts to state agencies.

Around 15 amendments to that motion presented by Republican committee members all failed.

One item Rrepublicans wanted out of the budget was a provision that will raise the minimum coverage allowed for car insurance.

"When I campaigned and had those chicken dinners, no one said to raise the cost of my car insurance and make it easier for someone to sue me. The only people looking for that are the people that benefit from those changes," says Representative Robin Vos, a Republican committee member from Racine.

Another sticking point, Qualified Economic Offers or QEO's. That caps teacher pay increases. It's meant to keep property taxes in check. Republicans want it to stay, but Democrats want it gone.

Republicans also tried to get rid of a provision that allows schools to go over their revenue caps to hire extra security and school nurses, but democrats pushed it through.

The committee is addressing at least two more omnibus motions and expect to work through the night.

The Joint Finance Committee hopes to have their version of the budget complete by Friday - then it goes to the House and Senate before heading to the Governor's desk.

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