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Trampoline Safety

Each year in the U.S. 75,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries related to a a trampoline.

It's a figure that is double the rate seen in the early 1990s.

Nearly all of these trampoline accidents occur at home, not the gym, so doctors are warning parents to be careful when sending children out to play with personal trampolines.

Researchers in the UK reviewed 50 cases of trampoline injury in kids and found certain factors that increased the odds of being hurt.

Accidents occurred when there were too many people using the trampoline at once, and the lightest bouncers tended to sustain the worst injuries.

Kids also got hurt while bouncing with adults.

The difference in weight becomes a problem if the adult jumps too high.

But experts say adults should be present when kids are on the trampoline.

Children were more likely to be injured if they were unsupervised or supervised by adults drinking alcohol.

Some pediatricians do recommend against purchasing home trampolines altogether, saying kids are better off in a gym class under the watch of trained experts.

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