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Little Cheerleaders


MADISON (WKOW) -- Over the past 20 years, cheerleading has evolved into a sport of its own. With competitions held throughout the country, cheerleading is growing more and more popular.

And because of that girls want to learn at a younger age.

In this week's Little Heroes, we go to Madtown Twisters, where the Tiny Team works on their cheerleading skills.

"We love cheerleading," 5-year old Taylor said.

They jump, stunt and tumble. But to a girl, each says the same thing is their favorite.


Stunting is also popular amongst the youngsters, but for different reasons.

"We get to go up in the air," 5-year old Angel said.

"I love being a flyer and waving at the crowd," Taylor added.

It's an enjoyable sport for the young girls as they hone their skills.

And many of them want to continue for a long time.

"Until I'm a senior," Angel said.

"In high school," 5-year old Payne said.

"Until 8th grade," Taylor said.

Why only 8th grade?

"Because when you get older, they fly too high," Taylor said.

"I'm afraid of heights."


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