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Hope renewed for Catholic Multicultural Center

MADISON (WKOW) - There's a silver lining for the Catholic Multicultural Center.

A week after the center officially closed its doors, officials announced its reopening: under the direction of Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish in Madison.

The center costs about $350,000 a year to run. According to the Catholic Diocese, a number of pledges have been received, including $10,000 from Catholics in and around Madison. Before it could reopen at all, parish members say they'll need to find an annual income to support the programs and center.

Michelle Horton, the Social Action Director for Our Lady Queen of Peace Parish, says, "There's no way we can do it alone: or any other parish or any other organization. We will need entire support. We're not looking to take away from any organization, we're just asking people to dig a little deeper."

To give you a scope of *why* the diocese couldn't handle the costs, they were looking for more than three million dollars from their annual Catholic appeal. They only raised a million dollars- meaning something had to go.

9.4 % of the annual appeal was slated to go to the Multicultural Center. Leaders say that money will still go, every year, to the people the center serves (whether that's programs at the center or other organizations remains to be seen.)

As for the 48-hour notice center employees and users received, the diocese says they're just appreciative someone stepped up to help.

Many questions remain unanswered: No word on a time frame for the center's re-opening, if all employees will get their jobs back, or if all organizations that've already moved out.. will move back in.

A fund has been set up at Our Lady Queen of Peace to raise more money. The 2700 member parish is located at 401 S. Owen St, Madison, WI 53711. You can also call 231-4600 if you're interested in volunteering.

The Catholic Multicultural Center provided meals, religious services, adult education, and employment assistance to parishes, schools and outreach agencies in southern wisconsin.  It was located off Park street in Madison's south side.


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