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Lake Delton: June 2008 - June 2009

Lake Delton / June 2008 Lake Delton / June 2008

LAKE DELTON (WKOW) -- From Wisconsin Dells Events online:

  • June 9 - The 267-acre Lake Delton drains into the Wisconsin River after washing away a 370-foot wide section of County Highway A and five homes.
  • June 12 - The Visitor Bureau announces 99 percent of Dells area businesses are still open for business.
  • June 14 - Rhapsody Resort hosts a cleanup of the lake bed. The event draws 400 volunteers and raises $3,000. Two guns, jewelry, tires and a number of bones (among other things) are found.
  • June 17 - The Sauk County Board votes to allow the State DOT to take temporary ownership of the section of Highway A that washed away.
  • June 20 - Restoration work begins as a coffer dam is built to divert water back to the Lake Delton Dam, preventing further lake bed erosion.
  • July 14 - The village board OKs about $1.5 million in dam improvements recommended by MSA.
  • July 16 - State and local officials unveil plans for reconstructing Highway A during a public information meeting at Crystal Grand.
  • July 23 - The state condemns land around the breach site - dolling out nearly $2.35 million - giving the Fromms, the Pekars and several others some compensation for their lost homes and properties.
  • July 24 - Dredging work begins on Dell Creek in Lake Delton.
  • July 28 - James Thieding Construction begins work on the $1.08 million coffer dam in front of Highway A.
  • Aug. 8 - Living Land and Waters, an Illinois nonprofit group, is awarded the contract to clean the river of debris Lake Delton deposited in it when the lake drained.
  • Aug. 25 - The village Board approves a contract for Aquatic Engineering to manage the vegetation growing in the dry lake bed.
  • Aug. 26 - Volunteers gather at Kaminski Park to refurbish the two baseball fields that were damaged during June's flooding.
  • Aug.28 - Outdoorsmen Ben Hobbins and Dan Small launch the Lake Delton Fisheries Restoration Project at the breach site and say it will cost about $180,000 over three years to restock the lake.
  • Aug. 28 - The five families who lost property June 9 file a notice of circumstance of claim indicating they may sue the village for negligence.
  • Sept. 5 - Gov. Jim Doyle signs a $3.63 million contract for the reconstruction of Highway A.
  • Sept. 8 - Hoffman Construction begins work on the Highway A project.
  • Nov. 26 - Highway A opens to traffic ahead of schedule.
  • Dec. 3 - The Lake Delton and mirror lake dams close so the lake can begin phase I of its refilling.
  • Dec. 5 - Gov. Jim Doyle visits Lake Delton to attend a ribbon cutting event celebrating Highway A's completion.
  •  April 3 - The dam gates are closed again allowing Lake Delton, which has been half full since January, to complete phase II of its refilling.
  • April 16 - The Original Wisconsin Ducks splashed down for the fist time into the new Lake Delton.
  • April 20 - The first 9 million minnows are dumped into Lake Delton at the East Adams Street boat launch.
  • April 27-28 - Lake Delton finishes refilling, almost a month before Memorial Day.

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