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UPDATE: WI legislators meet with GM executives


WASHINGTON (WKOW) -- GM is expected to announce which of its idle plants will reopen by the end of this month.

U.S. Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold and Representatives Tammy Baldwin and Paul Ryan met with General Motors executives on Wednesday to make their case for re-opening the Janesville plant as a small car production facility.

Last week, GM announced it had narrowed down the locations where it could build its new small car, to factories in either Wisconsin, Michigan, or Tennessee.

GM originally planned to build its new car in China but last month agreed to move production to the U.S. as a concession to its union.

After Wednesday's meeting, the four lawmakers released a joint statement:

"During our meeting with the executives from GM, we reiterated the strength and determination of Wisconsin's workforce in Rock County.  We made it clear that workers in Janesville are eager and well prepared to help GM retool itself with this new line of small, more fuel-efficient cars.  We appreciated the opportunity to speak directly to the executives and we will continue to work together to do all we can on behalf of Rock County and workers throughout Wisconsin."

To hear more from Kohl, Feingold, Ryan and Baldwin, click here to link to the .mp3 file


WASHINGTON (WKOW)-- U.S. Senators Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold and Representatives Tammy Baldwin and Paul Ryan will meet with executives from General Motors tomorrow, Wednesday, about the GM facility in Janesville. 

Mr. Troy Clarke, Head of GM's North American Division and Mr. Tim Lee, Vice President of Manufacturing for General Motors will attend.  Last week it was announced that the Janesville plant was one of three GM facilities under consideration for retooling to make small cars.  The meeting will give members of Wisconsin's Congressional delegation an opportunity to make the case for GM's Janesville plant and its workers.

The meeting will be behind closed doors.

27 News spoke with Rep. Tammy Baldwin over the phone Tuesday evening about the meeting.  Rep. Baldwin said it comes down to Wisconsin's strong work ethic and dedicated workforce and leaders. 

"We've all worked together to put together a proposal for GM that recognizes that workers are willing to make significant concessions to bring a line back to that plant. But that everyone is willing to contribute weather it's the local business community, local government, state government and of course there's a federal role to be played too," said Rep. Baldwin.

Representative Baldwin said that the two other plants in the running for the new GM line will also make a pitch to General Motors executives.

A decision will likely be made in the coming weeks.

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