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Federal flood relief funds: Who gets what

LAKE DELTON (WKOW) Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle gave some Wisconsin communities still trying to recover financially from the Summer 2008 floods some welcome news.  34 communities will get federal funds totally $39 million.

The following is the release breaking down the funds awarded:

Village of Avoca $729,000

Avoca was subjected to flooding when heavy rains caused Morrey Creek to overflow its banks. About half of the Village was underwater and the entire community was evacuated on June 12, 2008. The sanitary sewer system was overloaded, causing sewage to backup into residents' homes. The Village's water supply was contaminated by the flood waters which contained sediment, debris and land applied chemicals from the agricultural fields upstream of Avoca.

There are three parts to the flood control project in addition to the improvements that the Village is working on with the DNR, the DOT, the Wisconsin Southern Railroad and the Town of Pulaski. The connection of these 3 elements will form the levee to protect the Village from flooding of Morrey Creek in a 100 year event by confining the flooding to unpopulated areas.

Reconstruction and elevation of 2,050' of First Street to three feet above the 100-year flood elevation.

Construction of 1,400 feet of an earthen berm along the right-of-way of Wisconsin Street.

Construction of 500 feet of an earthen berm along the right-of-way of STH 133.

The recommended funding amount is $729,000. the Village has already borrowed $300,000 for clean-up and repair after the Morrey Creek flooding and has committed over $400,000 for water and sewer system Improvement.

Village of Bayside $59,200

The Village of Bayside was adversely affected by the heavy rains and subsequent flooding and many of the culverts within the Village were overwhelmed, leading to backups and road washouts, affecting nearly 40 homes. The Village proposes to replace broken culverts and restore the ditches to restore the effectiveness of their ditch and culvert system. The recommended funding amount is $59,200 for the needed repairs to the Village ditch and culvert system.

City of Beaver Dam $3,715,191

In response to the flooding of the Beaver Dam River, the City would like to complete the following:

Complete a Relocation Plan.

Acquisition and relocation of 10 of the 11 buildings damaged in the flood.

Demolish the buildings in the floodway.

Removal of one culvert and construct a clear river channel with erosion control.

Remove the other culvert and replace with a single span bridge.

Construction of a flood wall to protect the 14 businesses in the flood fringe.

Fa├žade improvements to the front and back of the 14 affected businesses.

Construct 34 affordable rental units.

The recommended funding amount is $810,000 for the acquisition of the 10 buildings in the floodway, $770,000 for the demolition of the buildings, $95,000 for the Tower Street Culvert, and $176,000 for the flood wall. With $1,731,191 for the rental units, and administration, the total is $3,715,191.

The City has committed $800,000 for the improvements.

City of Beloit $530,000

The City of Beloit is requesting funds to rip-rap the east bank of the Rock River to protect the telecommunication cables, public water well and nearby businesses. The City also proposes to raise approximately 570' of Shirland Avenue by as much as 3' to maintain the transportation corridor and to protect the nearby residential area from flooding. The recommended funding amount is $552,585 for the

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restoration of the east bank of the Rock River and Shirland Avenue.

Columbia County $836,778

Columbia County is requesting an award to reimburse the County for the 12.5% Local Share of road repair and to assist the Crystal Lake area install a permanent drainage system between the lakes to prevent flooding. The County is also requesting funds on behalf of the Village of Pardeeville which needs to construct a spillway to protect STH 22 and to repair a lift station and forcemain.

Dane County $1,296,000

In June/July of 2008, flood waters entered the sanitary sewer system through the joints of the clay pipe and the manholes once they became submerged. The sewage pump station could not pump enough to entry the collection system and raw sewage backed up into basements. Overflowing sewer water also flowed out of downstream manholes, leaving pools of raw sewage in the Village and into the drainage ditch that is known as the "north Branch" of the Yahara River.

The County proposes to assist the Village of Morrisonville with the rehabilitation of their sanitary sewer system. This would include using PVC for sewer mains and manholes made of concrete with rubber gaskets to provide a good seal.

Town of Dekorra $150,000

In June/July of 2008, many of the steep slopes adjacent to Lake Wisconsin developed channels of concentrated storm water runoff. Flow down these channels gained tremendous energy and scoured mud, sand, rocks and other debris into ditches, roads, private property and into Lake Wisconsin. The Town of Dekorra proposes to have a runoff analysis completed so that suitable corrective measures can be taken to stop the destructive channeling of storm water. These measures include the installation of stone weeper check dams and the stabilization of graded areas.

City of Elroy $166,500

In June/July of 2008, heavy rains caused severe flooding in the City of Elroy. 6 homes were substantially damaged and are participating in the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. In addition, the City has about $80,000 in damages to their public infrastructure that need repair. The City is requesting funds for the 12.5% Local Share of the HMGP for 6 homes in the City and repairs to City's power plant and a records retention vault.

City of Fond du Lac $550,000

The City is requesting funds for the 12.5% Local Share of the HMGP for 14 homes in the City plus funds for the buyout of several rental units.

Fond du Lac County $200,000

In June/July of 2008, the Kiel Road Bridge was severely damaged and has been closed and out of service since. After consultation with the DNR and DOT, the County has decided that the bridge needs to be replaced. The closure of this bridge has created traffic delays because of the need to use alternate crossings. This has been especially problematic for emergency response vehicles and school buses. The County proposes to replace the destroyed Kiel Road Bridge with a single-span flat concrete slab bridge in order to restore traffic patterns.

Village of Fox Point $75,000

In June/July of 2008, the Village of Fox Point was subjected to flooding when heavy rains caused flooding down a lake bluff into Lake Michigan. The Village of Fox Point wants to clear the channel at the bottom of the bluff, line it with rip-rap and construct a storm grate over the opening of the stormwater structure to prevent debris from clogging the entrance and the channel.

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Village of Gays Mills $1,784,250

As Gays Mills moves forward of their plan to relocate the Village, additional funds are needed to complete the infrastructure work a Community Commerce Center, a combination Fire Station/EMS building, and additional land acquisition. The recommendation is to commit funds for these activities, but allocate them as the activities are implemented.

City of Janesville $1,718,876

In June of 2008, the City of Janesville experienced the largest flood event on record, with the Rock River taking almost 3 weeks to recede to a normal level. 55 homes had to be evacuated in Mole Sadler's subdivision; 12 of those homes were substantially damaged. The Public Library and Senior Center were damaged, as were many of the City's roads. 39 businesses were directly affected by the flood, either because of flooding damages or the loss of power. These losses included real property loss as well as loss of revenue.

The City of Janesville proposes 3 major activities under this grant proposal:


Local Match for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program ($194,940).


Reimbursement for the costs incurred by the City in repairing public utility systems, ($82,038), road washouts and sinkholes ($323,171) and repairs to the library and senior center ($6,537).


$1,000,000 in unspecified assistance for impacted businesses.


$39,264 for housing rehabilitation.


$72,926 for administration costs.

City of Jefferson $553,300

The flooding in the City caused the dikes surrounding the wastewater treatment plant to develop weakness due to the pressure of the water seeping through them - much like the forces that led to the collapse of CTH A in Lake Delton. The pumping station was also compromised and both pumps had to be manually operated to prevent the entire structure from being flooded. There are three parts to this project necessary to repair the damage to the wastewater treatment plant dikes and pumping station:

Reconstruction and elevation of 3 sides of the perimeter dike by 3 feet to half a foot above the flood stage of last year.

Construction of a concrete retaining wall on the fourth side.

Flood proofing of some of the buildings that form part of the barrier.

Re-construction and elevation of the concrete structure around the pump station and the installation of new pumps.

Jefferson County $4,000,000

In June and July of 2008, heavy rains substantially damaged 34 properties that should be acquired and removed from the floodplain. These are properties that are not part of the County's HMGP Application. The County has also identified 12 businesses that were affected by the flooding. Jefferson County would like to use CDBG-EAP funds to continue their voluntary Flood mitigation acquisition/demolition program and to assist several of the more seriously damaged businesses, especially within the City of Jefferson.

Kenosha County $320,108

The County is requesting funds for the 12.5% Local Share of the HMGP for homes in the County.

Village of Lake Delton $302,260

In June/July of 2008, the Village of Lake Delton was subjected to flooding when heavy rains caused flooding and Lake Delton breached Highway "A". FEMA provided Public Assistance (PA) in 6 of the 7 eligible categories and the Village is requesting reimbursement for the 12.5% Local Share that they had to provide. In addition, the Village made significant repairs to the Lake Delton Dam to increase capacity, to protect the lift station just down stream and to provide improved protection against future flood events.

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They are requesting additional funds to reimburse their out-of-pocket expenses for these repairs.

City of Mauston $211,000

The City of Mauston needs to repair culverts to protect homes within the City.

Milwaukee County $1,300,000

Milwaukee County wants to work with Community Advocates to build affordable housing in the City of Milwaukee targeted at homeless mentally ill person.

Village of Neshkoro $200,000

In June/July of 2008, the Village of Neshkoro was subjected to flooding when heavy rains caused flooding in a neighborhood with no curb/gutter or storm water system. The Village wants to reconstruct the streets to adequately channel stormwater into the new storm sewer system. This reconstruction would include1,650 lf of conveyance piping, 30 debris settling structures, storm water inlets, and 2,760 lf of high back curbing. The application notes that the Village is "saving" its G. O. capacity "for emergencies".

Town of Randall $100,000

In June/July of 2008, the Town of Randall had such extensive flooding in their public park (which serves as a detention pond in times of flooding) that the water overtopped 399th Avenue, causing damage to that road and threatening homes in the area. The Town installed a temporary pump and pumped excess water to a golf course pond 1,000 feet away to protect their residents. The pumping continued for 45 days. The Town of Randall proposes to construct a small grinder pump station which would run only in times of excess storm water. The Town and the Golf Course would enter into easements to allow the water to be pumped to the golf course pond and to allow Town staff on site for maintenance and repairs.

City of Reedsburg $1,565,881

In June/July of 2008, the Westside of the City of Reedsburg flooded when Babb's Creek, a tributary of the

Baraboo River was 3 feet above flood stage, causing backup in the storm sewer pipes. 600 homes and 9 businesses had significant flood damage, as well as the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Two of the City's wells are also in the Baraboo River floodplain and do not meet floodplain construction requirements. They were not functional during the flooding and the City is proposing to construct a new well outside of the flood zone.

The City of Reedsburg proposes to build a series of detention basins and increase the storm sewer to a larger diameter. It would also be rerouted into a wetland area downstream, with the discharge end above the 120-0-year floodplain. The City is requesting the 12.5% Local Match for the HMGP projects. $400,000 is funding for a new well outside of the flood zone is recommended at this point.

City of Richland Center $71,100

The City is requesting funds to assist the local Radio Station relocate out of the floodplain. A local business, the owner managed to move his equipment and stay on the air during the flooding, providing needed emergency information. The City is very interested in assisting him complete his relocation.

Rock County $144,271

The County is requesting funds for the 12.5% Local Share of the HMGP for homes in the County.

Village of Rock Springs $540,227

In June/July of 2008, the Village of Rock Springs was subjected to flooding when heavy rains caused flooding of the Baraboo River. FEMA provided Public Assistance (PA) in 6 of the 7 eligible categories and the Village is requesting reimbursement for the 12.5% Local Share.

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In addition, the Village is requesting the 12.5% Local Share for the HMGP Buyout and additional funds to abandon Maple Street after all of the homes participating in the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program have

been demolished, leaving the whole area as green space.

Sauk County $2,662,500

Sauk County is requesting additional EAP funds to address a single HMGP Buyout in the Village of Excelsior and of homes in the Lake Redstone area. Many of these homes have been identified as at risk if the Dam should break and they County wants to initiate a buyout program. There were 22 businesses that suffered damage during the disaster and the county is proposing assistance to them, ranging from loss of revenue to structural repairs.

City of Sheboygan $402,000

In June/July of 2008, as many as 50 intersections in the City were flooded, along with single family homes and the new senior condominium complex. The City proposes to install over 800 lineal feet of storm sewer to serve this drainage basin and protect the homes and businesses within it.

Town of Spring Green $1,445,237

During the Summer of 2008, the Town of Spring Green experienced devastating and long-lasting flooding. Dozens of homes and businesses sustained serious damage, with the agricultural sector being especially hard hit. More than 12% of the Town's landmass was under water for several months.

The Town of Spring Green would like to assist individual homeowners by participating in the HMGP Buyout Program and by creating a drainage swale with an outlet to the bottomlands of the Wisconsin River. Because of the economic impact, this effort is also supported by FEMA/HMGP and EDA. The drainage swale will be 2.5 miles long, containing and directing storm water runoff. This will be

accomplished by reconstructing several roads to higher elevations so they can act as berms and the construction of several transportation drainage structures under USH 14, Kennedy Road and the WisDOT/WSOR rail corridor.

Village of Valders $15,700

In June/July of 2008, the Valders Wastewater Treatment Plant had inflows of flood waters that came in faster than the pumps could handle. This necessiatated the Valders Fire Department bringing in their pump truck to pump water out of the treatment plant. The truck pumped out 1,000,000 gallons in 12 hours to save the plant from complete failure. The Village proposes to install and connect a 1,750 gpm pump to eliminate the need to rely on the fire department in the event of another flood.

Vernon County $4,030,000

Vernon County was subjected to flooding that exceeded an estimated 500 year flood event, resulting in damage to 16 dams. The damages ranged from relatively minor repairs to gabion structures to major repairs in the dam abutements. Two of the dams have high hazard dwellings associated with them. Vernon County is proposing to move the high hazard dwellings and make repairs to the Priority One dams.

Village of Viola $200,000

In June of 2008, the Village of Viola was subjected to flooding when heavy rains caused the Kickapoo River to crest two feet higher than previous records. The Village's Lift Station #1 suffered damage to the pumps by sand and grit entering the sewers during the flooding. Sand and grit was also discharged to the treatment ponds and is inhibiting proper treatment.

The Village of Viola project includes:

The inspection of manholes and collection sewers below flood elevation

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Manholes and sewers found to be deficient with be lined.

Conversion of the existing dry pit-wet well into a duplex submersible pump station. Installation of new grit resistant pumps.

Replacement of pump power supple, control and recording equipment

Replacement of 250 feet of 4-inch pipe with 6-inch pipe

Much of this is deferred maintenance as the application itself states and the Village is saving its G.O. capacity for emergencies.

Village of Waterford $1,108,200

In June/July, 2008, Waterford experienced significant flooding from the Fox River which bisects the Village. The lack of capacity in the pump to move water out of neighborhoods to the Fox River caused storm sewers to back up, flooding homes and commercial properties. Funds are being requested for the 12.5% Local Match for the rehabilitation of damaged public facilities and the creation of a Pumping Station. This is a joint project with the Town of Norway and the Town of Waterford. They are forming a Utility District that will assume the rights of the old farm drainage district so they will have authority over the pump station.

Waukesha County $4,380,000

In June/July, 2008, Waukesha County sustained substantial damage to county facilities, nine towns, twelve villages and seven cities. Of the $3,024,938.10 requested, only $2,700,265.72 was approved by FEMA. The non-reimbursed figures range from a low of $55.57 to a high of $33,986.65 that the local units of government will have to bear.

In addition, Waukesha County estimates that there are 438 LMI households still in need of assistance. With an average repair cost of $7,500, there is a need for over $3,000,000 in housing assistance. In addition to $2,200,000 in residential rehab, the proposed funding includes:

Mukwonago Pump Station $506,000

Pewaukee Springdale Road $256,000

City of Waukesha A/D $406,000

Oconomowoc Community Center $506,000

Summit Lake Outlet Project $506,000

City of West Allis $4,162,000

In June, 2008, the City of West Allis sustained the most private sector damage of any municipality in Milwaukee County. One of the largest impacts was to the Milwaukee Gray Iron Plant which had four feet of standing water, sustaining nearly $16,000,000 in actual cash value damages. Due to the extent of the damage, the company has not reopened, causing a loss of 80 jobs.

Flooding problems on W. Orchard Street caused homes and businesses to be evacuated and streets closed. Over 1,500 homes were damaged with an average repair cost of $23,000. FEMA provided $268,945.01 in Housing Assistance for those residents.

The City has also identified a number of drainage ditches and manholes that were washed out by the flooding. Streets and sidewalks had their base so undermined by the large amounts of water that much of the substructure is unstable.

Proposed funding includes $1,000,000 for housing rehab, $50,000 for street repairs and $3,000,000 towards the purchase of MGI and the Mykonos Buildings (plus $112,000 in admin).


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