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Changes at Madison Chrysler dealers

MADISON (WKOW) -- Two local car dealers were spared in Chrysler's bankruptcy, but there will be some changes.

The Russ Darrow Chrysler dealership on Odana Road will move to the east side. The Russ Darrow Automotive Group will invest $1.5 million in a site it already owns on High Crossing Boulevard.

Don Miller Dodge will stay put on the west side and eventually sell Chrysler and Jeep vehicles.

There are no layoffs planned in Madison as part of the bankruptcy. In fact, Darrow is hiring.

"We left a stack of employment applications at each dealership because we're looking for experienced technicians, sales people, business managers, some service and parts people," said Russ Darrow, president.

Darrow hopes to hire 25 people by the end of next week.

No word on when the move to the east side will happen. Darrow said it will likely take 6 months to get everything up and running. The current dealership lot could become an expanded service center for all vehicles.

"It's pretty exciting for a company to start off with a clean balance sheet, totally new relationships with vendors, suppliers, and dealers, without debt, and they're just starting over," Darrow said.

Madison's dealers were lucky. The new Chrysler plans to close 789 dealerships across the country as part of the bankruptcy plan.

Said Darrow, "It feels really good to have gotten through this, not only unscathed, but in my case, it's a win-win."

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