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The Click: rent clothing for your little fashionista


You can rent a lot more than movies these days. Proof positive:

It's sort of like Netflix but with children's clothing. The site allows parents who want their little girls to dress in style to do so -- for a fee.

Once you join the club and make your picks they'll ship you the clothes and after a maximum of 30 days all you have to do is send it back in a postage-paid box.

On you can rent two to six designer outfits a month with sizes ranging from 12 months to 6x for older children.

The cost ranges, too between just under $40 a month to just under $70 depending on how many items you rent.

Another bonus: once your little girl is done with the clothes just send it back and they will wash and clean it. However if you do serious damage to the clothes you could be liable.


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