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Majors that get jobs


MADISON (WKOW)--In a recent college commencement address, Vice President Joe Biden told 2009 graduates, "You are graduating into a world of anxiety and uncertainty."

It's a message Bill Palka has heard before.  He's part of the class of 2009 a journalism major; graduating in a year when one newspaper after another is going under.

"It gets a little bit annoying after a while actually - hearing it from family members, friends.  and I just kind of wanna say "you know i get it. i know i'm graduating at a bad time," you know?"

Less than 20% of 2009 graduates donned their cap and gown with a job in hand.

The Princeton Review suggests those left behind think more about their major.

"Number one on our list for popularity- business, number 2 - psychology, and number 3 - elementary education," says Robert Franek of the Princeton Review.

More students are considering recession-proof majors.

"Accounting, always looking for new graduates to go into those areas.  But I think also some very exciting areas around education, " says Franek.

In the next 10 years we're going to need more than 2 million teachers to replace the spike in those retiring.

This year, more high school students graduated than ever.   Three million students are graduating from high school.

Those entering college can expect more majors to choose from.  With tens of billions of stimulus dollars aimed at investing in green technology eco-friendly majors could prove lucrative long-term.

"Environmental sustainability. there are brand new majors around these things that pair, let's say, an old engineering major with a liberal arts major," says Franek.

Many schools are also expanding their course requirements as a result of the changing environment.

"Great college are engaging those students not only inside the classroom but outside the classroom as well - experiential learning programs, internship programs, learning communities," says Franek.

Finally, as baby boomers retire, they're going to need health care, which may explain why nursing and biology majors are growing.  

They are currently the 4th and fifth most popular majors for 2009. 

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