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Quilts for troops

PLYMOUTH (WKOW) -- Linda Wieck of Plymouth, Wisconsin has sewn thousands of quilts for U.S. Troops serving around the world.

In 2006, Wisconsin Army National Guardsman Todd Richter was being deployed to Iraq when he asked his mother-in-law to sew him an alternative to heavy sleep-bags provided by the Army.

"Todd designed the quilt," Wieck said. "He and I worked on it together. He told me how wide and how long and what he wanted to do with it."

Richter and Wieck developed a thin cotton quilt patterned in Army digital camouflage.  The quilt is the right size for an army cot, suitable for a twin mattress. The quilts rolls up into a tight package and are held in place with four attached straps.

Richter said his fellow soldiers saw the quilt and asked if Wieck would be willing to make quilts for them as well. Wieck soon received an order of another 48 quilts. The project took her between four and six weeks to complete. The soldiers paid for those quilts, onto which their last names were embroidered.

"[They] got the limited edition," she remarked. "Now we're into mass production." Richter is among the 3,200 soldiers of the Wisconsin Army National Guard's 32nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team and Wieck and her growing group of volunteers wants to keep them covered.

Currently, her group is working on an order of 150 that will go to a company in the 32nd Brigade, which deployed to Iraq earlier this year. The group is also working on an order of 14 for active Army soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas and 40 quilts for Air Force airmen.

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