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Father bikes cross-country for son


MADISON (WKOW) -- Glenn Fenster stopped in Madison Sunday night on his fourth cross-country journey to raise epilepsy awareness.

Fenster's son Nyle was diagnosed with the condition when he was two years-old.

The inspiration for cross-country biking came to Fenster when he was playing tennis with Nyle.  After a particularly power seizure attack, Fenster went to help his son up, but his son refused.  "I said 'Son, why don't you want help?' He said, 'no.' So I asked him, 'How do you keep getting up?' He said, 'Dad, I've never seen you stay down."

Fenster is travelling about 8,100 miles from Denver, Colorado to his home in Miami, Florida.  He called the route "the long way" to get from Denver to Miami.

It's his duty as a father that he says keeps him going.  "We are just one week away from Father's Day, and this will be my fourth Father's Day away from my son.  But, now each mile brings me closer to home, closer to my son."

When he completes this journey, he will have covered over 26,000 miles for Nyle over the last four years.

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