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Home Sharing


LOS ANGELES (WKOW)--In neighborhoods hard hit by the recession, there is a new sign of the times: people renting out rooms in their homes.

Tisha and Gary Nunnery are trying to stave off foreclosure by sharing their home with another family in need.

"I thought, wow, not only could we help make ends meet that way, but we could help a family that was displaced," says California homeowner Tisha Nunnery.

Like so many families, the Nunnerys lost their jobs and are behind on the mortgage.

"This economy you're going to have to do everything you can think of in your daily lives to turn it into a source of income."

Tisha has been posting ads on the internet. 

Some areas also have agenices that can help.

In Los Angeles, there's a share program to match people who need housing with those who need tenants.

Since the recession, requests for a housemate are up ten per cent.

"It makes sense if you can share a place with somebody and save money. You can both come out ahead and help each other, and it's great for the community 'cause we're all helping each other out," says Brian Cortese of Alternative Living for the Aging.


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