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Staying cool in extreme temperatures


MADISON (WKOW) --  Workers at Goodman pool in Madison were hoping for record breaking attendance: on a day with near-record breaking heat.

By 4 pm, pool supervisors had seen 1200 people walk through the doors. Saturday, pool attendance reached over 1700 people - a record in itself.

Surprisingly, not everyone was at the pool at the peak heat moments of the day. Both joggers and bikers were still hitting the pavement on the path along John Nolan Drive in Madison.

Joggers took extra precaution to stay hydrated. Randy Miles planned on running 4 miles. He said, "I filled up two huge bottles of ice and powerade. I drank a bunch of that beforehand, and I'll have some ready when I'm done. I definitely do take the weather into account."

Workers tried to stay hydrated outside as well. Brittany Martinson works for Messner Landscaping. She says she'd already drank a gallon of water by 3 pm, and wasn't stopping.

 "It's just been like slow. You don't push yourself and I guess just drink a lot of water and take a couple breaks every other hour."

A few things to remember if you are outside exercising: usually the body keeps itself cool by sweating. When the humidity is high, sweat won't evaporate as fast. You could be susceptable to heat exhaustion, even heat stroke. That's where your body temperature rises fast, so fast it could reach 106 degrees within 10-15 minutes.

If you are working out outdoors bring water along, make sure to drink it before and after your workout. The CDC recommends 2-3 glasses of fluids an hour.

The Red Cross says more Americans die from heat-related illness than any other nature-related cause.

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