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Organizers set up for Rhythm and Booms


MADISON (WKOW) --  It's taken organizers days to set up the festivities for this year's Rhythm and Booms, but they're finally ready for the crowds.

This golf cart has been 13-year-old Matt Sucik's ride for the past three days. He says, "All the sweat and stuff that had to go into this, and muscle, it's a lot for a lot of people."

He's one of the youngest volunteers here; working twelve hour days to set up inside Madison's Warner Park. Matt gave us an inside look at the set-up process.

Organizers first paint directions around the park, then set up dozens of tents, along with 200 Porta Potties. The last to go up? The 10,000 feet of fencing and 400 stakes that mark off certain areas and walkways. Those supplies are reused every year.

Dozens of rides are ready, crews have lined up the fireworks for days now, and smells are already wafting over from food vendors.

It takes this vendor only a day to set up shop.

Heather Huston, of Iowa, says, "Everything is on the floor when we pack up to leave, and then we get here and set up straws and the cups."

It's all in preparation for a day that should be literally, sparkling with success.

Festivities start with a Children's Parade and rides tomorrow at noon. Don't forget to bring a trash bag with you to help organizers keep the park as clean as possible.

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