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Mall worker thrown from car driven by theft suspects

Madison (WKOW) --- A Madison woman was arrested after she alledgedly hit a mall employee on Friday with her car.

Christina R. Evert, 19, was arrested for first degree recklessly endangering safety and cited for retail theft.

Emma A. Wexler, 21, was also cited.

According to the police report, an employee at East Towne Mall's Wet Seal claims she saw the two women shop lift from the store.

She then confronted them, but they denied letting her see inside their bags.

The two got into their car while the 22 year-old employee was standing in front of it.

The suspects drove away and hit the employee.

She was thrown onto the hood and held on for about 50 feet.

The driver then hit the breaks causing the witness to fly off the car. She suffered minor injuries.

The two suspects returned to the scene to talk to police after the incident.

Madison Police say a scarf and a pair of shoes were stolen from the store.

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