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Little Soap Box Racers


For more than 60 years the Kiwanis Club All-American Soap Box Derby Race has been held in Madison. That's where we find this week's Little Heroes.

Dozens of junior racers hit the hill on Rosa Road in hopes of soap box glory.

Racers and their parents spend anywhere from a few hours to months building and perfecting their cars in hopes of a win and trip to the national finals in Akron, OH.

There are 3 racing divisions: stock, superstock and masters.

Racers run 2 heats in each round, switching sides and wheels in attempts to make everything as fair as possible.

Many of this year's racers are first-timers.

"It fun and exciting," little Taylor said.

"It's just fun," adds 8 year old Keegan.

Many of these kids are second and third generation racers, who developed the interest from their parents who raced many years ago. Many others look at the race as a way to compete against their siblings.

"My sister did it and it looked like fun, so I wanted to do it and beat her," 8 year old Ian said.

"I want to beat my brother," Keegan added.

Parents hand out advice before their racers hit the hill. The biggest piece of advice?

"Keep it straight," Ian said.

But a big part of the fun is just going fast.

"It was exciting to feel the wind in my face," Ian said.


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